Palate Cleanser: One Nation Under God

by the Left Coast Rebel

I nearly forgot, something quite special was almost lost in the overcrowded space that confines a popular blogger’s inbox. Carol at No Sheeples Here fills us in:

Several months ago, perhaps as far back as last Veterans Day, I came across a stirring painting by artist Jon McNaughton. The title of his painting is “One Nation Under God”.

As I often do, I saved the web address so I could refer to it at a later date. Being dutiful to my hard drive’s memory, I began deleting data that was no longer pertinent. When I opened one document in particular and clicked on the link I had saved, I was once again moved by what I saw and decided to share this artist’s beautiful and heartwarming labor of love.

Let me explain briefly why this painting is so important for these times.

The central figure in this astonishing painting is Christ. Christ’s hand points to the Constitution, the young boy, the mother and the good Americans to signify their importance in maintaining our freedom in this great land. The fact that He is holding it means he approves of the incredible document.

In the background, are the Federal Capitol Building and the U.S. Supreme Court Building to represent the legislative and judicial branches of our government. Only some of the lights are lit and some are very dim to symbolize the waning of the cause of liberty among many of our elected officials.

I will leave you with just that teaser, dear reader, and have you read the rest at No Sheeples Here.


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