Oliver Stone + Hugo Chavez = Our Culture’s Glorification of Communism

by the Left Coast Rebel

Truth is stranger than fiction. I came across this story yesterday so I am a little late. I guess my running theme here at the Left Coast Rebel is the tolerance that liberals/progressives/statists have for communism. Of course you can add Hollywood to that list as well.

Which makes me ponder, is it tolerance or is it philosophical matchmaking?

Anyway Monday brought us the news here of the opening of the movie “South of the Border” at the Venice Film Festival, a star-studded, red-carpet event replete with the rich and famous Hollywood elite. Being that it is his lovechild, Oliver Stone was on hand for the debut of “South of the Border,” as well as his biggest fan – Hugo Chavez. Yes, Hugo Chavez. I wonder if Van Jones had planned on attending? Perhaps, if only his White House ATM card hadn’t been cancelled upon his ousting. Life is tough.

Reuters here

South of the Border,” which had its world premiere at the Venice film festival this week, portrays Chavez as a champion of the poor, and includes interviews with the leaders of Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador and Cuba. (The movie),also seeks to demonstrate how Chavez has been unfairly demonized by the U.S. media which has cast him as a dangerous maverick who is a threat to security.

Chavez told Reuters he was seeking to build “a real democratic model” in Venezuela, and said he was hopeful he could work alongside U.S. President Barack Obama.

After delivering a strong endorsement of Chavez’s socialist agenda, and questioning the tenets of what he calls U.S. “predatory capitalism,” Stone is returning to the scene of one of his most famous films with a sequel to 1987’s “Wall Street.”

Chavez is a maverick? Maverick, hmmm? A murderous thug is deserving of the term maverick?

Well either way, Chavez certainly would feel comfortable in the White House, Czar position anyone? Czar of Latin-American Studies? Speaking of Oliver Stone and the moonbats in Hollywood brings the term useful idiot to mind.

To think that a moron like Stone sits in his plush mansion and chastises the very freedoms that make America great and give him his bull-horn is unfathomably absurd. The same First Amendment rights that he has would be squashed by his comrade Chavez. Of course they wold. Or how about Chavez’s anti-semitism that runs wild with communists? How about these atrocities reported by the Human Rights Watch?

You can judge a man by the company he keeps, thank you Oliver Stone and all of you useful idiots in Hollywood……..

Sean Penn on the road with his buddy and spiritual mentor. Long live Che Guevera!


Useful idiot Hollywood clown Kevin Spacey and
his Dear Leader.

The handshake heard around the world, God help us.

Oliver Stone and Chavez in Venice on Monday. Chavez was blowing kisses to his adoring fans…..

Communist sympathisers, communists, any difference?


Bungalow Bill said…

I am willing to bet what's left of my 401K that Obama will have Stone over for a huge White House party for its release. Sean Penn will be there salivating over the seens hoping the actor playing Chavez bears some skin. Danny Glover will volunteer to play one of Chavez's personal servants for the sequal in the middle of Obama's party. Hell, there will probably be the Venzuelan national flag hoisted over the White House the night of the premier party.

blackandgoldfan said…

Hugo Chavez: The Robert Mugabe of South America and Hollywood darling.


William said…

As I mentioned a day or two ago: Who in hell cares what these creeps think?

Be strong, people! If you feel the need to boycott films under the direction of left-wing idealogues, and their useful idiots called actors, then by all means do so. Don't feel guilt, don't be afraid! Look these turds right in the eye and tell them what you think. They are so used to being in a place where there is no immediate opposition; that a glare, a strong voice (that goes for women as well… hell, especially women ;)) and an uncromprimising lecture of values and facts will scare the living you know what out of them. I know this to be true, as I have been doing these very same tactics… and believe me, with strong conviction, they WILL BACK DOWN!

Mostly what I have experienced is, they retreat out of frustration. Just remember these words: "I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR PREMISE!"

"YA SAY YA WANT A REVOLUTION." Well, I know not only the chords, but how to fight, without damaging my "folded five."

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ BungBill – I would bet the same.

@ blackandgold – Wow, they deserve eachother.

@ William – I like that Will, I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR PREMISE. Because rememember Ayn Rand stated that every bad idea starts out with a faulty premise…….

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