Oh, that Silly Socialist Reading Material in the White House Library, C/O Michelle Obama (Look Away, Nothing to See Here)

by the Left Coast Rebel

White House Librarian guarding over the Michelle Obama ‘literary collection’:

Hey you, yah you, come here. Shh, don’t tell anyone, shh, this could get me fired. You know how all of those right-wingers claim that Obama and his wife are secret, closet commies? Well you gotta see this. That’s right, don’t tell anyone but can you believe this? Yah, you know, Obama’s thesis, his childhood, his college years. His wife too, you know? Don’t tell anyone and please don’t take a picture, ok?

The truth is stranger than fiction, and all kidding aside – Rob at Say Anything Blog did take a picture of the literary contents of the White House library today courtesy of his Washington/CPAC tour.The White House Library has been stacked by Michelle Obama. Lo and behold, what he found:
obama books

According to the far-left water carriers (that scorn the masses and despise you) and useful idiots, we are guided as sheep to believe that this means nothing – Hey, who doesn’t have socialist-Marxist material on their bookshelf, it says nothing of Michelle Obama or Obama, either – they say. My dad had Mein Kampf on his bookshelf – other prominent leftists say.

But the question is, do you buy that? I say – connect the dots. Actions (and books) speak louder than words.

Via Memeorandum, via Say Anything


Right-Wing Libertarian said…

Oblama could have a stack of "American Opinion" magazines on his office desk, and he'd still be a card-carrying communist, as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, growing up in Kenya or Jakarta or whatever the popular theory says, both Barack Hussein and his daddy had not been exposed to the cold war as it affected the United States, so he's got no idea what he's leading our great country into. We do. This is why he's gotta go … and don't even THINK about a second term.

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