Obama’s Health Care Summit: In my Opinion, Paul Ryan Stole the Health Care Summit Show

by the Left Coast Rebel

I assume that any politically astute reader of the Left Coast Rebel has reached a saturation point with Obama’s Health Care Summit today. Earlier today I listened on the radio (7AM PST) to Obama’s pontificating. I assume that this spectacle was his opening ‘statement’ of bromides and slogans. I heard everything that I expected – everything I have heard from the Obamanation for the last (8?) months.

I also heard that Obama and the Democrats got a lot more airtime than the GOP. True or not (and I assume that it is), I wanted to point you to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his brilliant statement. Essentially Paul Ryan nails the argument on the absurdity of creating another entitlement to stop the growth of entitlements. He nails the essential argument of opposing philososphy regarding Obamacare. He nails the essence of the fight and does so from a vibrant, youthful perspective. I think that Paul Ryan was the winner of Obama’s Health Care Summit. The GOP needs 100 Paul Ryans:


srbushman said…

AMEN! HALLELUJIAH! AMEN! I wish I could place a thought bubble above the President's head as he is "listening" that read, "Who is this kid? I am the [expletive] President of the United States! Who invited this ankle bitter…oh wait, I did!" This whole health care summit completely backfired on the Obama administration! And hello, Paul Ryan! I need to do more research on him, but I agree Left Coast Liberal, he is a shining star! Please don't get corrupted by Washington….

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