Obamanation – An ‘F’ in Economics

Here in the local San Diego Union Tribune we have a columnist named Ruben Navarette, typically a middle-of-the-road guy with a big interest in liberal ‘hispanic rights’ issues. I looked up his past editorial pieces and it seemed that he would be considered a moderate Democrat or liberal Republican. He just put out a great piece that can be found on CNNPolitics no-less. Basically he brilliantly points out that many of the Obamanation’s supporters are blindsided by the Administration’s lack of a coherent economic philosophy and that they consider him ‘too big too fail’. The Obamanation is instead opting for a radical agenda that will add untold trillions to our national debt. Fellow readers, see that meter at the right of my page? Double that number and you will get an idea of what we are talking about here. To top things off Navarette thinks that the Obamanation and Treasury do not inspire confidence and are clearly grasping for straws. A dangerous proposition in times that America needs a leader that lifts us out of our malaise.

Thanks to reader Hunter Lewis for the article


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