Obamacare: 6 Pages of Law Become 1,000 Pages of Regulation

By RightKlik

A big eye-opener from our friends at Nealz Nuze:
In the 2700 pages of ObamaCare there are six pages that are devoted to something called “accountable care organizations.” Somewhere in the bowels of the offices that house our wonderful Department of Health and Human Services we find a team of rule writers who were assigned the responsibility of writing the rules and regulations governing these six pages of ObamaCare. Tomorrow the work of these bureaucrats will see the light of day when HHS releases these rules. Would anybody care to guess just how many pages these rules will fill in the Federal Register? Try 1000. Yup, you got it! Six pages of ObamaCare are being transformed into 1000 new rules and regulations that will have to be followed by hospitals and doctors who formed networks for the delivery of patient care.
At that rate, we can expect ObamaCare to generate 450,000 pages of regulations. Sweet.

Even if every six pages of the health care law generates only one quarter of the regulations predicted by the example above, we can expect well over 100,000 pages of regulatory diarrhea from ObamaCare.


ACOs: A gold rush for high-priced lawyers and consultants.

Are ACOs A Financial Suicide Pact? “…with a plan like this, what could go wrong? Well, one thing that could go wrong is fiscal reality.”


Hey… not so bad after all! ONLY 492 pages.


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