Obama to GOP and the American People: ‘It’s Over’

by the Left Coast Rebel

Essentially I can sum up the entire charade of the health care summit and this is an easy one. The Obamanation yesterday during the ‘health care summit’ pretty much summed up his attitude, his ethos, and his statist credo. That being I and my cronies and Marxist theorists know better than you, need to protect you from yourself and will do just that even though you don’t want it. Even though you don’t want a government takeover of the best health care system in the world – we will ‘convince’ you that our way is the right way. We will convince you with a Chicago baseball bat to the knees and 51 votes.

Obama’s closing statement yesterday pretty much summed that up. It looks like the Left Coast Rebel is going to have to pull up the huge ‘health care rescind’ file that was tucked away after Scott Brown’s victory. Truly the only surprising thing to me is that Obama seems to not care of he drives the Democratic party into absolute oblivion.

Is that the silver lining to having a President that acts like nanny-state banana republic Fearless Leader?
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LoneWolfArcher said…

Let's not concede yet. While the Senate will have the 51 votes for reconciliation, Nancy Pelosi herself doesn't think she'll have the votes to do the same in the House.

There is still hope…..

Donald Douglas said…

American Power tracked-back with, 'Blair House Reject: No Deal at Health Summit'.

CJ said…

My best hope is that this is just a complicated way to buy healthcare for the poor. They're selling it as managing the entire public's purchases. I've gotten three e-mails from liberal organizations who are just incensed that Bluecross raised its premiums. I don't know if they're directing the comments to retarded people who have never heard of shopping a quote!? These people have never had any other vendors raise prices? It's like they're stupid or something. Maybe they are, but I think the smart people (President Obama is very smart) are aiming to provide healthcare to needy and pacify the stupid. I suppose those two things are legitimately part of his job.

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