The Obama Stock Market

A great piece in the Journal today. Remember, charts don’t lie. Apparently the Dow has suffered a 25% drop since our president took office. Charts don’t lie and neither do numbers – could this be the worst ‘honeymoon phase’ market return ever? If not, I’m sure it’s close. From the article – “The dismaying message here is that President Obama’s policies have become part of the economy’s problem.” ( my noter here is that any time our fearless leader rears his ugly head on the news, he’s talking down the economy and business.Recall recent Obamanation classics such as ‘pass my stimulus or America we will never recover’, ‘this is the worst economy since the Great Depression’ and ‘there aren’t any earmarks in the Stimulus Bill.’ The markets aren’t stupid and Americans vote with their money, gone are the hopes for a Kennedy esque moderate administration, investors are voting no on Socialism and unbridled debt – financed government spending en masse.


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