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One thing that ought not to surprise us, but still does, is Barack Obama’s uncanny ability to tell whoppers with a straight face. Alongside “the police acted stupidly” and “If you like your doctor you can keep him”, are his remarks over the resignation of attorney general Eric Holder. Via the Washington Post:
And through it all, he’s shown a deep and abiding fidelity to one of our most cherished ideals as a people, and that is equal justice under the law.
George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson might have something contrary to say about that. Justice for Black Panthers, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Henry Louis Gates…what do all these heroes of  the oxymoronically named Obama Justice Department have in common?
As younger men, Eric and I both studied law, and I chose him to serve as attorney general because he believes, as I do, that justice is not just an abstract theory, it’s a living and breathing principle. It’s about how our laws interact with our daily lives. It’s about whether we can make an honest living…
An honest living? Apparently the answer to that was “no”.
“…Eric’s proudest achievement, though, might be reinvigorating and restoring the core mission to what he calls the conscience of the building, and that’s the Civil Rights Division. He has been relentless against attacks on the Voting Rights Act because no citizen, including our service members, should have to jump through hoops to exercise their most fundamental right.”
Jump through hoops? You mean like facing down jack booted thugs with billy clubs standing outside a voting booth? Holder’s refusal to see these hoodlums justly punished, apparently only because of the color of their skin, ranks up there with the most egregious civil rights violations of the deeply segregated South.

Attacks on the voting rights of our servicemen? When Democrats hold strategy sessions on how to disallow the votes of our servicemen and women overseas, this is another “If you like your coverage you can keep it” statement.

Civil rights in regards to racial discrimination was ill served by the race pandering attorney general’s office, which turned local law enforcement cases like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown into racially divisive witch hunts, searching not for justice, but for a resolution that fit their racial bias narrative.
He’s challenged discriminatory state immigration laws that not only risked harassment of citizens and legal immigrants, but actually made it harder for law enforcement to do its job.
He challenged the state of Arizona which tried to re-enforce federal legislation. Holder has successfully (and hypocritically) ignored all the the municipalities that ignore and even contradict federal immigration law with their “Sanctuary City” laws. Some animals are more equal than others.
“…no one in America should be afraid to walk down the street because of the color of their skin…”
Unless you’re white and trying to exercise your right to vote and a New Black Panther stands in front of your polling place with a billy club.
So soon, Eric, Sharon and their kids will be a bit freer to pursue a little more happiness of their own, and thanks to Eric’s efforts, so will more Americans, regardless of race or religion, gender or creed, sexual orientation or disability who will receive fair and equal treatment under the law.
I wonder if Obama believes that Brian Terry will be a bit freer to pursue happiness? How about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi? (Chris Stevens, Sean Smith , Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods could not be reached for comment). Via executive privilege, Obama continues to obstruct Congressional investigations into Fast and Furious, and also  refuses to give an accounting of exactly what took place the night of Sept. 11, 2012. There was no accountability for the lack of security in the face of repeated requests from Chris Stevens, or the lack of a rescue mission, or even possible stand down orders, and there was no curiosity at all on the part of Obama’s lap dog attorney general about any of them. And neither Obama or Holder has raised a finger to free Sgt. Tahmooressi, the only person on the planet not allowed to cross our southern border.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m glad to see Holder go. It’s only six years too late. I am on record as opposing his appointment six years ago, and sadly it’s been far worse than I imagined.

The only question now is, given who Obama is, will his next choice be as bad or worse? I have said elsewhere that we should be so lucky as to have Obama appoint someone with enough integrity to investigate Holder after he’s gone, but I’m not holding my breath.

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