Obama Bows to His Superior, Chinese President Hu Jintao

by the Left Coast Rebel

It’s funny and it’s incredibly not. After a busy day and just minutes ago, I remarked to my wife that there didn’t seem to be much of anything ‘super sticky’ to blog about this evening. So I went over to Yahoo Finance to check the markets and such, and then caught a link of an AP/Yahoo story:

obambi bow

This certainly looks like a lot more than a welcoming gesture. Essentially and more than obvious, I see a man here bowing to a man that he most likely deems to be in a superior job status position. Much like the power-envy of this same individual towards another ‘leader’, sans bow:


UPDATED: I see that Drudge caught the same travesty:

obambi bow 2

UPDATED x2: What is the law enforcement term? Repeat offense? Via HotAirPundit, a few of the previous ‘offenses’ and a clearer shot from AP:

New photo from AP

Another angle, the man simply cannot help himself…

Here are other past photos of Obama bowing :

Saudi King Abdullah:

After a Town Hall in Shangahi

Ukranian President

Read the rest at HotAirPundit


  1. By now this clown is doing this for no other reason than to get a reaction from we the people. He's just like the rest of the libkooks …. always looking for a way to anger people. Shameful, yes, but we need to look beyond Obama's single-term so that we can limit the real damage he's doing.

  2. Notice that Hu Jintao's back is RAMROD straight. Even if you did not know who these two people were and just looked at the picture you could clearly see which one is being more commanding and which one is being subservient.


  3. The Leader of the Free World bowing to dictators and tyrants has now become the expected, and I can't think of anything sadder than that.

  4. At least we know what to expect, and hopefully we understand what it all means.

  5. I'm surprised obowma doesn't have a bad back, with all the bowing he does. Disgraceful jerk, I loathe him more each day.


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