Obama Bowing to Japan Emperor Akihito

by the Left Coast Rebel

It’s a slow news Saturday. Americans on Main Street and 620 Ave are busy sipping late-morning coffees and thinking about their week. I haven’t found headlines of terrorist shootings that aren’t, encroachments of our liberties as security, or key societal-changing congress-votes held behind closed-doors on a weekend.

Like last, shall we say.

But there is something. Let’s call it the Asia-Apology Tour. And although I haven’t heard any apologies yet, the Obamanation is gallivanting the Land of the Rising Sun, today the news is all a-twitter of another photo-op of His truly. How low will he go?

And the question is, should we make a grandiose light of this? Well probably not but it surely is something to make fun of. As well, it certainly fits into the P.C./Multultural/Hyphenated/ M.O. of the B.O.

How about a caption-contest? You list what you think the caption should be for this picture in the comments here and I’ll post them…..


  • Chris W at My Thoughts on Freedom : Obama-San, you have done well in copying our methods of collapsing a thriving economy.


  1. Obama-San you have done well in coping our methods of collapsing a thriving economy.

  2. @ Chris W – Spot on.

    @ Donald – Thank you, I'll return the favor.

  3. BHO: "Emperor Akihito please check my scalp for tics, oh hey those are nice shoes you have"

  4. BO: "I think you missed a few spots on your shoes. Let me lick them for you."

  5. One can tell, he's accustomed to being bent over. [wink]


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