NPR Defends ‘Learn to Speak Tea Bag’ Then Capitulates to the Racist-Tea Bagger Right Wing Fringe

by the Left Coast Rebel

Recall my post on the ‘Learn to Speak Tea Bag’ cartoon up at NPR recently? Well now NPR is going straight back to the tired old line and excuses that (I) have heard for quite some time when NPR or PBS feels threatened by the public with their pig-trough existence, ending with capitulation?:

It’s actually not that funny — especially to those on the right, including members of the Tea Party movement, which is populated by passionate Americans who don’t like the direction President Obama is taking the country.(actually quite accurate)

NPR does not receive direct funding from the federal government. Less than 2 percent of its annual budget comes from competitive grants from federally funded institutions.(bologna)

(A total retrace after all of the above!)But if NPR continues using Fiore, it should quickly find a cartoonist to counter his decidedly liberal take. Critics are right to take NPR to task for only representing one side using such a strong visual medium as an animated cartoon with sound and text. Putting it up against conservative National Review articles doesn’t cut it. The near-record response proves that more balance is needed.

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Right-Wing Libertarian said…

NPR has been the home of the commies for decades. Everyone knows it. Heck, why in the world do they need to defend anything? Everybody knows who they are, what their agenda is. What sizzles us is that they're making we the people pay for this crap.

Opus #6 said…

I still think they need to lose all public funding. They can then be as partisan as they want.

Sparky said…

To NPR: "Yadda, yadda, yadda" They make me tired. :p

Woodsterman (Odie) said…

If government funds you … you're beholden to the government !

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