The November 2 Tidal Wave: Aggragated News on the November 2 Election

by the Left Coast Rebel

Victory is so close that I can nearly taste it, I simply just can’t wait. For some of us, the sweetness of victory comes with a sense of righteous revenge as well. It is incredible for me to ponder just where all of us have been in the last two years.
A year and a half ago I was battling the demons of emotions quite different than those today. I’m sure you were too.

The final USA Today/Gallup November 2 midterm election poll shows a historically “unprecedented” 15 point Republican lead on the generic ballot. Yes, that’s a tidal wave.

Liberal NYT/Five Thirty Eight pollster Nate Silver suggests that urban Manhattan liberals “add some whiskey to their November 3 commute-coffee,” “5 Reasons that Republicans Could do Even Better Than Expected,” lays out a venerable liberal-apocalyptico the day after tomorrow. Could we turn that scene into a movie one day? Fear and NY-liberal loathing – five reasons for a November tidal wave.

Tea party favorite, Alaska’s Joe Miller down and out as many on the left (and the GOP establishment) have portended? Not quite. A new Public Policy Polling poll has Miller 7% ahead of write-in Lisa Murkowski and Democrat Scott McAdams. With nary a child molester in sight, an Alaskan tidal wave is coming to DC.

It will be close and perhaps not certified tomorrow night but Harry. Reid. Will. Lose. PPP has Angle one point ahead but favored 48-40 by those who are going to vote tomorrow. Teeth gnashing is a leading indicator – the left is already grinding their molars over a possible Angle revisit of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump issue. Nevadans are Angling for a dust storm tidal wave on Tuesday.

A Kentucky tidal wave-Randslide is in the works too. PPP has Rand Paul 15% ahead of his Democrat rival. I can’t wait to watch Rand debate the statist scum in the United States Senate. Far from the coast, a Kentucky tidal wave is a-coming.

Head east to find Ken Buck leading Democrat Michael Bennet by a thin margin. Dig a little deeper to find Buck’s 50-46 lead with indies and an astonishing 55-41 lead among those who are voting tomorrow. Ken will not Buck the tea party tidal wave tomorrow but it may be close.

Stay tuned for tidal wave updates…

Updated: In the comments Nick from “It’s Just My Opinion” laments the fact that the People’s Republic of Cailfornia is, for the most part, excluded from the national trend to fiscal sanity. This looks to be true but I MUST STRESS that everyone reading this takes part in the GOTV effort in California. Do everything you can to help others to polling places, etc. and even though they are anything but ideal in a libertarian/conservative sense, you MUST support Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman.

Leslie Eastman has an awesome Star Trek-themed list of suggested votes for those that reside in San Diego/California. Here are her proposition suggestions:

California Propositions
Prop 19 – No* (Marijuana Decriminalized)
Prop 20 – Yes (Resdistricting commission)
Prop 21 – No (Vehicle License fee for parks)
Prop 22 – No (Transport and other tricky provisions)
Prop 23 – YES, Heck Yes (Suspend Cap and Trade)
Prop 24 – No (Repeal of Tax changes)
Prop 25 – No, Heck No (Legislative majority on budget)
Prop 26 – Yes (Supermajority for new taxes and fees)
Prop 27 – No (Eliminate redistricting commission)

For the record, Prop 19 is evenly split among the SLOB members so your vote may differ on that one. Go here to read the rest of her suggestions!

Updated again: It looks like Republican Liberty Caucus endorsed Pat Toomey is running away with the race against Joe Sestak, too. PPP has the race at 51-46 with Toomey leading. Over 20% of Democrats are going to vote for Toomey as well. The gubernatorial race is going to the GOP as well. A tidal wave is heading to the Keystone state!


Nickie Goomba said…

My leg's a tinglin'. C'mon Tuesday!

Nick said…

It's funny (in a sad-funny sort of way): I was just thinking the opposite about California. With Proposition 25 looking almost certain to pass, I'm virtually counting the days until I get the heck out of this festering sinkhole of unbounded taxation. California is bucking the national trend of smaller government, less spending, and less corruption, in a huge way.

Here's hoping that we have enough limited government, limited bailout politicians in Washington that by the time California does collapse, there's enough national sentiment to "wipe the state clean", so to speak, and perhaps reclaim all the beautiful land from the myriad of socialist groups who have conspired to make it inhospitable for anyone else.

Daezy said…

Scary picture! Now I know how the libs are feeling. Well done.

madmath1 said…

If Californians pass 25, then they deserve to live in a 3rd world country. Oh wait, they'll be living in Mexifornia. With Brown in office, we'll be tax and spent to death and unemployment will skyrocket to 20 to 25 percent and with the forclosure rate being bad enough, wait til they get their greedy hands around property taxes because prop. 13 will be next.

Nick Rowe said…

I'm a total flip flopper on marijuana legalization. On the one hand, I don't care what people do in their own home with non-addictive drugs. On the other hand, I know ot will end up in our streets.

I was all for a controlled experiment on legalization until I talked with a guy from Jamaica. When he told me how widespread marijuana use is destroying his country, it changed all my views of how "safe" it is.

And I smoked from 13 through 17. Then I grew out of it. My friends and family who didn't moved on to worse drugs or regular use and ruined their lives.

There are 25,000 uses for hemp, but only 1 reason why people want it.

Nick Rowe said…

BTW, this democracy stuff if ludicrous! Our Founders set up a Republic for a reason.

We've got two pairs of competing, contradictory proposals on the same ballot! WTF if they both pass?

Initiative and referendum is cowardly nonsense which takes responsibility out of the hands of elected officials. They just need to be forced to balance our damned budget.

And I'm so excited I can't sleep! It was tomorrow night I wanted to stay up all night.

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