Northrop Grunman Latest Company to Leave California

by the Left Coast Rebel

A reader just emailed me this story, it seems that aerospace giant Norhrop Grunman is to relocate it’s headquarters from L.A. to D.C., the anti-business climate of California is downplayed in the article but I know better. I know that the macro situation is a microcosm of the end-result of dysfunctional liberal policies? Where will the tax revenue come from for all of the ‘social services’ that the liberals in this state have bankrupted us? Where will it come from when most businesses have fled? Answer — the fleeting middle class. Coming to an Obamanation near you.

The decision follows a broader corporate migration from Southern California—including Hilton Hotels Corp. and SAIC Inc.—that leaves the second-largest city in the U.S. with a slackening grip on coveted corporate headquarters.

You think? There is no such thing as a free lunch, the Once Golden State proves that, in addition to the national disaster that the Obama government and Democratic-statist Congress are working fervently on.

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Bungalow Bill said…

DC isn't easy on taxes though are they? Easier than California, but…

Bungalow Bill said…

I wonder if there is some corporate welfare involved as well, like Boeing received from Chicago to put their name on a building outside of the loop.

madmath1 said…

Northop Gunnman is having great difficulties with international competition as well as getting creamed by Boeing. This could end up being fool's gold, unless there's corporate welfare involved for NG. The one advantage they had over Boeing was that California had a great deal of clout in the congress. Boeing nearly couldn't get their 747 program completed because of the politics that was coming from Reps from CA. Now in DC, where they don't even vote in the congress, Boeing is going to have the "lobbying" power. NG is barely surviving by their military contracts (perhaps why they're moving to DC). Their civilian line ended over 10 years ago due to costs, hummmm, I wonder if the hostile state of CA had anything to do with that as Washington (where Boeing operates) doesn't have income taxes among all the other high taxes as CA does. As an Aeronautical Engineering student, this is most concerning as there are only two aeronoutical companies left in the US and it looks like one is in more trouble than I thought.

Agnes B Bullock said…

It is Northrup Grumman!!!! My Dad worked for Grumman for over thirty years and retired after a hostile takeover bid from Northrup back in 1995. (Martin Marietta was buying Grumman when Northrup put in a bid, which Grumman did not want, as it did not have the reputation for being ethical in its transactions)

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