Nominating Justice Stevens Replacement

By: Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

President Obama will soon have his second oppurtunity to nominate an individual to the Supreme Court of the United States. It will no doubt be interesting to watch the process as it unfolds.

Given the President’s community activist/organizer background it is not unreasonable to think he may go activist and to the left. Given his natural idealogical leanings this would seem reasonable and even likely.

On the other hand it would also set up a political battle in the Senate, one the President would likely lose as he would not be guaranteed the 60 vote margin required to win procedural motions on the nomination. Republicans have warned they may filibuster and nominee that leans to far left.

From a purely pragmatic view it would seem to make sense for the President to nominate someone with a record more centrist than left leaning. This would insure a quick and smooth confirmation process as well as demonstrate to the general population he is not necessarily the far left socialist he is perceived by a large percentage of Americans to be.

While ranking republicans are promising a “sustained and vigorous” vetting of the chosen nominee, as it should be, Senator Orrin Hatch indicated republicans on the judiciary panel would be willing to work to confirm a nominee that is viewed to be non activist.


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