The New York Times Downplays Attack on Trig Palin by Interviewing Voice Actress From Family Guy With Down Syndrome

by the Left Coast Rebel

Another instance this morning of journalistic malpractice from the New York Times. In an effort to stretch to the most preposterous nether-regions of Palin Derangement Syndrome, the New York Times got a hold of the voice actor that played ‘Ellen’ from the Family Guy episode that poked fun at Sarah Palin’s son Trig Palin, who also has down syndrome. The New York Times then interviews Andrea Fay Friedman (the actress), who says that Palin ‘doesn’t not have a sense of humor’ and that the episode was simple ‘sarcasm’. Should we be surprised that The New York Times essentially supports attacks on people with down syndrome as long as another person with down syndrome justifies it? What kind of reasoning is that?

Have you ever heard of something so absurd? This is even more absurd than the anti-Tea Party ‘invsestigative journalist’ David Barstow (that Shaun and I are trying to expose for liberal journalistic malfeasance). The individual responsible for this article is a certain Dave Itzkoff.

To repeat – if I take the New York Times’ approach, should the lesson that I take away today be that it is perfectly ok to use people with down syndrome as props for comedic relief? Or perhaps that would only be comedy-appropriate as long as the actor/actress that is making fun of people with down syndrome (or portraying someone that is) also has down syndrome?

This is the kind of circular reasoning and ‘ends justify the means’ that herald from far-left press outlets such as the New York Times. They reach, grasp, contort and stretch the truth far enough and bend the rules to any extreme possible – as long as a conservative (or non-leftist) is the target. It’s about time that Americans simply boycott and refuse to patronize the New York Times in any shape, matter or form.

I guess, unless you are a blogger that must point out just why we need to do that. For myself, the New York Times will remain a necessary evil until they are driven into obscurity.

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  1. So if you use someone with Down syndrome to mock people with Down syndrome that is okay???

    The NYT is a useless piece of trash that has no journalistic integrity. And this just further proves it.

  2. Great photo. She should always pose for her TriG photos like that. She looks so fierce and protective. It is obvious that he is so much more than the political prop that those suffering from PDS claim he is.

  3. Forgive me if this comment is a bit off topic, but I feel that the widespread ridiculing of Sarah Palin and her family has gone way too far, and particularly in the instance of one very grotesque and obscene individual. This individual goes by the AOL screen name of lilTrigPalin and e-mail address [email protected] in an attempt to mock and belittle Sarah Palin's beautiful child who happens to have Down Syndrome. This sad, reprehensible person populates AOL chat rooms Life – Bible Fellowship, Life – Bible Fellowship 1, and Life – Beliefs Christian, with screen names lilTrigPalin and HooverMeCheney and is relentless in their dissemination of disgusting, hateful attacks against Sarah and her family. You can report them to AOL terms of service at [email protected] . That is all I have to say. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


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