The New York Times Anti-Tea Party Piece: The Idaho Tea Party Connection Debunked

by the Left Coast Rebel

Adrienne at Adrienne’s Catholic Corner (fine site), emailed me and hat-tipped me on her take on the NYT disastrous hit-piece against the Tea Party movement. Because of the fact that Adrienne resides in Idaho and intimately knows the area referred to by a certain Rachel Dolezal ‘interviewed’ by the New York Times, Adrienne’s post is quite interesting and worth a read. This lady is not going to sit around and let pencil-pushing NYT elitist-statists malign her home town. Excerpt:

The areas depicted in these articles – Spokane, Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, is where I have made my home for over 22 years. First off, I have no idea of what Ms. Dolezal is referring to when she claims she would be “nervous” to attend a tea party event in my home town of Post Falls. I’ve been to these tea party events and have never witnessed crude signs or crude behavior. I have, however, witnessed many “people of color”, and none of them appeared the least bit nervous.

To back up my point, take a gander at the photos the New York Times published as a slide-show with their article. You will not see “wild-eyed true believers”, as Mr. Stoll has labeled us. You will see rather normal looking people exercising their right to protest a government run wild.

This meme about North Idaho has been going on since before I moved here, due to a very small group of people who called themselves “white supremacists” camped out in Hayden Lake, a bit north of Coeur d’ Alene. The MSM has consistently made it appear as though this compound of wackos, which incidentally has been gone for a good number of years, was comprised of hundreds of fringe lunatics. The truth is there was never more than 10 or 15 people hanging out acting stupidly.
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BB-Idaho said…

Yep, us Idahoans are nice folk. We had a tea party in our town last week, mostly old people.
On the other hand, Idaho can be a bit on the
wild west side…

madmath1 said…

I sell my soul to the devil to live in couer d'Alene. Nice blue lake, small town, lots of trees, and good folks unlike the lunatics I have to deal with here in CA. I would rather be at a tea protest there than be in the middle of one of the fridge leftist groups protesting here like those that oppose Prop. 8, or the La Raza's get togethers. The left are the most slanderous, vile, and violent people. Unlike those in Post Falls, Spokane (which is in Washington state you Numb Nut Writer for the NYT) and especially Couer d'Alene.

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