Netenyahu’s speech to Congress

Yesterday, Prime Minister Netenyahu made a great speech at AIPAC (the unfiltered speech is here).  Today he followed up with another one to Congress:


  1. I caught Bibi's speech live. I hear he was interrupted by applause 40 times in 40 minutes, many standing ovations.
    Bibi was very gracious to Harry Reid, John Kerry and Obama. This great speech was followed by a press conference from the White House, by the president (who curiously didn't have time for the speech, but found time for a press conference), who tried to denigrate what Netanyahu had just said. Obama dismissed the speech as "nothing new".

    No surprise there. The Constitution isn't new either and Obama doesn't seem to think too highly of it either.

    Democrats who did not hear the speech have tried to savage Netanyahu for simply speaking the truth. Sad.

  2. This speech underscores the lack of value on truth that infects the left and its political operatives.

    There is becoming less and less difference between the ideology of progressives and the violent Islamic extremist regimes. They both value anything but "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

    1. I should have specified, not just "the speech" but the surrounding political circus of trying to diminish this speech.

    2. I don't think you can dignify those trying to diminish Netayahu's speech by calling them a "circus".
      Clowns would be a step up for this crowd.


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