National Right Wing Money Funneled from Extremist Right Wing Groups Donate $1.3 Million to Scott Brown in 24 Hours

by the Left Coast Rebel

If you are shaking your head over my title here and wondering where the heck I came up with that then listen up. It’s verbatim from the Martha Coakley campaign in Massachussets, straight from the Boston Globe:

…..Republican Scott Brown’s campaign said today he had raised more than $1.3 million in the past 24 hours.

The campaign of Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley, Brown’s opponent, said the figures were “the latest example of the national right wing money that is being funneled into his campaign.”

Extremist right wing groups associated with his campaign have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on misleading, negative attacks against Martha Coakley,” the campaign said in a statement,

Obviously this kind of rhetoric and attack, (Scott Brown is hardly a ‘right wing extremist as I am), easily plays into the hand and favor of Scott Brown:

Byron York in the Washington Examiner notes this theme as well, but with a Sarah Palin connection. Apparently the DNC is trying to make a Palin/Brown connection:

Frantic over the possibility that a Democrat might lose the race to replace Sen. Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, the Democratic National Committee has sent its top spinner, Hari Sevugan, to the aid of Democratic candidate Martha Coakley, who appears to be rapidly losing ground to Republican Scott Brown. But what can Sevugan do to shore up Coakley’s struggling campaign? Well, he spent his first day on the job trying to tie Brown to Sarah Palin.
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It's Bush's fault…

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