My Second Daily Caller Piece: Barney Frank’s One Dollar Fare Conundrum and the Ruling Class

by the Left Coast Rebel

Yesterday evening I had a little free time. I decided to write up another op-ed and I got published again at the Daily Caller!

dc 2

Here’s an excerpt from my article:

From California to New York state, Arizona’s illegal immigration law has been making headlines. In what is perhaps a last ditch effort, the state chose to enforce border security and stop criminality that comes with undocumented immigrants.

But last Friday residents thousands of miles away in New York witnessed something similar but quite different: an aggravated, disheveled, undocumented senior citizen.

70-year-old Representative Barney Frank, (D-MA) was heading out to New York’s Fire Island. The New York Post reported that the Massachusetts congressman failed to contain his exasperation when a ticket clerk at the local dock rejected his request for a $1 discount ferry fare to the island. Frank did not possess the necessary Suffolk County Senior Citizens ID to take part. Something quite fascinating then unfolded.
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I’m excited – I seem to have regained a bit of my writing ‘voice’ after feeling like I had lost it for one reason or another recently.

Updated: This is why I love blogging. Reader Erik Axelson just wrote to LCR about a similar incident that he witnessed:

Dear Tim,

I appreciated your posting about Barney Frank’s fit on the Fire Island Ferry and his indignation that the peons didn’t defer to his status.

I had the opportunity some years back to witness a similar outburst from Senator John Kerry, who arrived late to board an airline flight leaving from Nantucket and became quite indignant when the airline staff were slow to reopen the aircraft door and allow him to board. “Do you know who I am?” screeched the senator.

Such behavior is all too typical of our ruling class betters. Thanks for shining a light on this example.



Update x2: Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit links (THANK YOU) to my Daily Caller piece – apparently he liked a particular excerpt:

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Insty tweets my piece too:

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Update x3: Gaypatriot links (THANKS) and asks a simple question, “Imagine if (Barney’s tirade) had been You-tubed. Can you say “macaca”?

Update x4: The guy that invented the blogosphere links, (and I am honored), thanks Daily Pundit!


  1. Good job, young lad. This is getting to be a habit. Please remember us when you hit the bigs!

  2. Undocumented senior citizen
    Yes it's the little things that matter most in life folks… 70-year-old Representative throws tantrum. Representing our Govt? Massachusetts? Money grubbing politicians?
    Hats off to the ticket clerk! What a shame there isn't video of the "Conundrum"!
    Great work TD!

  3. Augh. The "Do you know who I am" line is the quickest way of letting people know just how big of an a-hole one really is.

    Good op-ed piece Tim. Congrats on connecting with the DC and thanks for the super ultra mega link recognition. Extra cheesy tots and spicy mustard for you!

  4. Tim, Tim, Tim, Do you know who I am…..

    Now that you are big time, don't forget us little folk!

  5. Very nice, Tim! You're knocking them out of the park!

  6. Thanks WP!

    Thank you, John.

    Appreciate the linky-love, Red!

    Thanks, Dean.

    WMUR – Heh, we're all in this together, I am but a minnow in the pond still…thanks for supporting LCR

    Proof – Thanks my friend!

  7. Another right on excellent op ed. Keep em coming!


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