Must Read Column at the Daily Caller: Left Coast Rebel Rings a Bell and Pages Chris Christie

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor’s note: Leslie Eastman wrote on a similar topic as my Daily Caller piece, San Diego “Rulers” Use Boy’s Death for Tax Grab – it’s a must read.)

I have a little bit of news here and some background. C-Gen and I have been bantering back and forth recently, earnestly licking our writing-chops as to how-to-get published at some of the big sites. C-Gen has been on American Thinker twice with great material and we both wanted to ‘break in’ to the Daily Caller to increase our street cred.

After all, the Daily Caller is still on the up-and-up and positioning to be the Puff-Ho (Smitty’s term of endearment) killer of political talk on the net. Wes Messamore from THL (designer of my site and libertarian friend) had just gotten published at the Daily Caller too so the need seemed to be all that more urgent.

I digress, recently C-Gen wrote up a brilliant piece that we were both editing and adding to and got a bit frustrated with the endeavor. From this perspective I awoke early and refreshed and came up with a random thought to write a piece about California for DC that Mrs. LCR had emailed me, in the email she sent the subject line was ”Calling Chris Christie” in reference to the clear need in CA for tough leadership to fight the union-cabal that controls the state. So right off the bat I had at title (that I changed a bit for the Daily Caller) that later changed to “Paging Chris Christie“.

In about an hour and a half I wrote up a fairly decent opinion piece and then subsequently spent nearly two hours editing and re-editing the darn thing. It was a lot of work but I was proud of the final result. I’ve learned a lot writing so much in the last year and half and covering (typically with dismay and outrage) the body-politic around us.

So please pass along my first (of hopefully many) Daily Caller pieces, it’s titled, “Ringing the bell at the top: Paging Chris Christie”

daily caller 2

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Updated: The federal budget deficit will exceed $1.4 trillion in 2010 and 2011 according to a report in the Washington Post, not to mention the Obamanation’s push for permanent unemployment extensions. Does the nation really need my piece in the Daily Caller to point them to where this nation is heading?

Can you say Greece?

Updated x2:Links so far (7/23) to the Daily Caller piece:

Updated x3: Burning down the house, my Daily Caller piece is headlining with it’s own Memeorandum thread!:

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Updated x4: The best blogger-team evah and perhaps my biggest inspiration when I started doing this devotes an entire post: Tim Daniel Makes The Daily Caller Without JournoList Membership


Love the title – although I cringe just a bit when I see my FULL LEGAL NAME on the net (well, almost full – you still don’t know my middle name and/or full first name). Either way, thanks for the link, Smitty!

Update x5: I grabbed this comment from Weasel Zippers tonight in regards to my piece. Reader Real Bob writes:

In 1978 California was amazing. By 1988, it had dropped from the top 5 for schools to 47th. The reason? Liberals. Classic story. Once they found out they could steal all the money they wanted from the State Treasury AND raise taxes to pay for their gluttony, then sell overrated bonds they knew they couldn’t repay, they just wallowed in their new found “wealth”. It never stopped after that as they sought to regulate everything for a fee to feed their insatiable appetite for more money then more control.

Liberal states are the most regulated states in the country.

By 2000, in just 20 short years, liberals turned California from an entrepreneur’s paradise, maybe the most beautiful state in the country (I’ve been to all of the lowre 48) into a proto-communist, thoroughly repressive welfare state where pollution and environmental/agricultural poison levels are the highest in the country, illegals vote and politicians and judges skate. Now, they’re bankrupt.

It’s all Bush’s fault.

It is painful and pathetic – but this guy is spot-on. Don’t let the Obamanation force this upon your conservative states, America.


  1. Tim, Congratulations! That is great news. I'll help spread the word.

  2. Tim Daniel:

    Name the cities in the general area that you've done something besides just drive through on the freeway. If you were familiar with the area, would you really call it "diverse"? Don't you think there might be some other issues involved other than libertarian hobbyhorses?

  3. Donald – Thank you!

    Lonewacko – I don't even remotely see your point here. Nice assumptions, though.


  4. No one who's familiar with Bell or the surrounding area would call it "diverse". That leads me to suspect that you aren't familiar with the general area and the various scandals in other nearby cities, demographic issues (hint, hint), suspicions about things even worse than overpaid officials (probably not involved in this case but you never know), and so on.

    Tying the situation in Bell to the issue I cover is far more viable than tying it into libertarian hobbyhorses. And, Chris Christie probably wouldn't really help in this case because he appears to be on the other side of the issue I cover.

    If the above isn't clear, read it a few times and do things like search through LaWeekly and LAT archives for stories they've done about various issues in the general area.

  5. Congratulations on the great article and on getting published in the Daily Caller. I'll be passing it along, too.

  6. Congratulations Tim. A great concise article with relavancy to the nation at large.

  7. Hi Tim, Congrats on your getting published everywhere.
    A great well written article.
    Have a fun weekend.

  8. Very well done Tim. I like the opening about "Puff-Ho (Smitty's term of endearment) killer". That is just what we, as a nation, need to counter the far left bias media. Real conservative, Liberty minded people to fill the void that journalism and teaching has made.
    This subject is the reason i became interested in politics. Fed up with seeing the Govt abuse the power given to serve their own desires and not the needs of the nation. It always makes me cringe to hear a politician say he is serving us… Then why do I always feel served in the back door? I felt that there was a bit of justice served to read that these scumbags got the boot! Now go nail down that big job making $800K big boy! In this job market! fat chance slim pickens!
    Not sure what lonewackjob is trying to point out here. Did you step on his toes? hurt feelings? Who cares if it's a "diverse offshoot of LA"… I've been to LA a few times and I would say all these areas are quite diverse!

  9. Excellent work Tim, keep up the great work! Will be linking over and sharing on twitter as well!

  10. Lonewackjob— it isn't clear what the heck you are talking about… And what's the big deal about the word "diverse?"

    Congrats to LCR! This is what good journalism is about…

  11. Going viral is fun! Way to go public Tim!


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