More Thoughts on Andrew Stack and the Andrew Stack Internet Note/Manifesto

by the Left Coast Rebel

LCR reader and fellow blogger Reaganite left me an email this morning, essentially saying that I should ‘batten down the hatches’ regarding the Andrew Stack IRS building attack and the fact that the vile leftist press will try everything that they can to pin this on conservatives, tea partiers, libertarians or anyone that simply opposes the coercive welfare-statist government. Checking my comments at LCR today proved just how right he was. For one, I had a guy that claimed that I was part of Andrew Stack’s inside circle or something, another claimed that Andrew Stack was a tea party activist. My reply – is that you David Plouff? Is that you Axelrod? Emanuel?

Essentially my thoughts are this, this morning (and mind you, I am tired). All of you in the court of conservative public idea and opinion need to stick to your guns, relentlessly point out that Andrew Stack’s manifesto was a diatribe against both sides of the political spectrum. Condemn Andrew Stack but also condemn those that would wish to implicate you or me or any other decent citizen. Condemn those that are so diseased morally and intellectually that they cannot refer to an act of terrorism but insist to call it a ‘manmade disaster’. Refer to my list of grievances that Andrew Stack had. Show some backbone. These people are absolutely vile, jumping onto this act of violence, (or domestic terrorism) for political gain proves that and then some. The length that many are going proves that in spades. Frankly, if I had more time today, I would devote my site to picking fights and arguments with these vultures.

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  1. I think it's probably right to call what this guy did "terrorism." He intended to provoke an emotional and probably also a political response by suicide-attacking a soft target in an effort to effect a political and social change. Most viscerally, he wanted the IRS to leave him alone and make a demonstration of how unfairly he'd been treated by his own government.

    But I don't think it's right to call him a "Tea Party terrorist." That's an infantile equation of one kind of criticism of the government with a qualitatively very different kind of criticism of the government. Just because he had a gripe agaisnt the government does not make him a Tea Partier. His long list of grievances is not entirely coherent politically and does not fit nicely into either a box with the word "liberal" on it or one with the word "conservative" on it.

    If I had to label him politically, I'd call him an "anarchist" or a "radical." But even that would be shoehorning something that defies easy classification into a box — and I see no intellectual advantage to doing that because just slapping a label on this does not help us understand it any better — indeed, slapping a label on it has the effect of inviting people to STOP thinking or trying to understand what happened.

  2. That's funny Tim. I can vouch you weren't planning to bomb any federal buildings. You were rumbling with a Rabbi.

  3. Thanks for painting the right picture of this guy. The MSM is taking things from his manifesto out of context and making this guy into who they want him to be. I read his manifesto without reading any thoughts on it before hand so that I wouldn't go into it with pre-conceived notions. I came out with the thought "socialist," and therefore is certainly NOT anti-tax like the MSN portrays him.

  4. Just like the left to forget their crazy, Amy Bishop, and she was out murdering merely a week ago. They also forget that on the FBI's top ten domestic terrorist list, they are all left wing crazies. Finally, they completely gloss over the fact that eco terrorist and animal rights activists are a far bigger problem and especially when you consider the fact that eco terrorism is a world wide plague.

    I say throw it all back in their faces!

  5. Oh yeah…I saw this coming too. The facts are Andrew Stack Hated Reagan, Hated "W" and hated paying taxes. (Talk about convoluted minds) What really needs to be said here is the complicit press is setting the premise and they will stop at nothing to beat back the surge toward conservatism in this country. They will eventually have to back away from their accusations. (quietly on page 13) We know where this is going, the public is too well informed for this to get any traction. You, me and others will beat this back with Louisville Sluggers if it gains any ground.

  6. hey, reb,
    don't forget the racist charge that is out there. there are blogs espousing that it isn't being called a terrorist attack because he was a white man too.
    btw, for those who are pro-life you might want to take a gander at my post for today in reference to a fetus that was operated on for a birth defect,
    hand of hope

  7. @ TL – I agree with some of your points here, I disagree that he was an 'anarchist' at all, though.You are completely correct to point out that his list of grievances is not consistent or coherent and that 'hating the IRS' does not make one a Tea Partier.

    @ Billy Long – Same to you!

    @ Lars – You will love the next post my friend.

    @ C-Gen – What can I say – you are totally correct. Do I sense a post coming? 🙂

    Eman – Yes, exactly! I can sense that this meme by the fascist welfare statist is already losing steam the truth is on our side my friend.

    @ Griper – Ugh, racist? Can you imagine? Thanks for the link.


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