More on Andrew Breitbart in Newport Beach, California

By the Left Coast Rebel

Last Thursday I took part in Orange County poli-history as chief lamestream press agitator and new media star Andrew Breitbart showed up at the Orange County Golf Course Club to promote his latest book, “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!“, and fill us in on his Weinergate ventures.

Donald got this shot of himself with Breitbart (I think I took it but could be the Coronas and Rum and Coke talking, though):


And the crown jewel, this shot of me with Andrew Breitbart (I know I posted this before but want to again):


When I approached Andrew I told him that his work was a major inspiration for me and that I look up to him as the ultimate trailblazer in the new media format. I’m sure I came across as a bit of a fanboy but I don’t think he minded at all. The guy’s intense. What you see on t.v. and viral Youtube videos is what you get in person with Breitbart. He has a look in his eye, an intense laser-like focus — you can literally see it in his eyes. I’ve known people as intense as Breitbart in business, he reminds me of several individuals that I got to know that through sheer bravado, dedication, guts, stick-to-it-ness and a little insanity, started from humble roots to build multi-million dollar empires. I’m sure Breitbart is a wealthy man because of his passion for filling a media niche.

It just happens to be that his niche is at least half of the country!

He’s a super-talented speaker, lots of comedy, great storyteller, and above all I witnessed Breitbart’s fierce advocacy fo the voiceless masses of middle America, those that feel that the Leftist-Media-Industrial-Complex is just a deceitful, evil, all-powerful, information-controlling extension of our coercive, destructive Leviathan government. Speaking to us is what Breitbart does and does better than anyone else.

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