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by: Les Carpenter
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Hear ye Hear ye, the sage of the progressive (and delusional) left has spoken out on the justified bin Laden extermination. It is the opinion of the great oracle Micheal Moore, and his self anointed superior intellect, that bin Laden should have been captured alive and brought to trial.

Wait. Is the oh-so-wise-one taking issue with his leader on the left? Do I detect a splintering of the hopium coalition? But I digress.

Mr. Moore, oops, I mean the Progressive Oracle had this to say:
“We’ve lost something of our soul here in this country,” he said of the mission to kill the al Qaeda leader rather than capture him and try him in court…
Only you Mr. Moore {and I use the Mr. loosely in your case} would come out with such reprehensible and irrational drivel. Even our progressive President got this one right. Perhaps you ought to move to Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or perhaps Iran. Wherever. Just do this nation a favor and leave. The quicker the better.

More from the extremist Muslim sympathizer:
The liberal filmmaker ripped Americans’ disregard for a trial and their support of an assassination. “The second you say that, you’re saying that you hate being an American,” he huffed. “You hate what we stand for, you hate what our constitution stands for….We should be standing up and saying ‘listen, damn it, we’re Americans. This is the way we do it. You commit a crime, we put you on trial.'”

As for the Americans who would not want a terrorist trial to take place in civilian courts in New York City? They are “wusses,” according to Moore. “You hear stuff like that and it’s like, what are we? A bunch of wusses….We’re afraid to even put out and have a trial because somebody might get hurt or they might get mad in some other part of the world and plan to hurt us?”

Is it just me or is this guy living in some kind of surreal dream world?

Osama bin Laden was not an American citizen. He plotted and successfully executed the mass murder of American citizens on our shores. And he proudly accepted responsibility for his heinous actions. What else did President Obama need?

Perhaps those of us who consider ourselves fiscal conservatives ought to hope Obama appoints Moore his campaign manger for his 2012 reelection effort. Just wishful thinking.

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John said…

who's paying attention to that turd? and why should we care?…

Rational Nation USA said…

Some folks are, and that is perhaps why we should care.

The turd made Memeorandum and the proverbial Lord knOws who else.

madmath1 said…

When will Moore put his money where his mouth is and do us all a favor and just leave to Cuba or China? I know we won't miss him here in the states.

John said…

RN, my comment was more to the point that I think he has become insignificant and to the few that are listening to him, "why should we care?"
As for me, he has never had anything to say worth hearing…

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