Mitt Romney Wins SRLC Straw Poll by one Vote, Ron Paul Comes in One Vote Behind


by the Left Coast Rebel

CBS has this:
Romney triumphed by a single vote over Ron Paul, who took second place 439 votes to 438. Both men won 24 percent of the vote. Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich essentially tied for third with 18 percent of the vote each.
1,806 ballots were cast by the conservative activists who attended the conference. No other candidate got more than four percent of the vote.
If anything it is disappointing to not see former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson place high in this poll. Also, why is the main stream press focusing on this:

Paul, fresh off his victory in the CPAC straw poll, gave a characteristically fired-up speech that took on the views of the Republican party establishment.

“The question has been raised about whether or not our president is a socialist,” Paul said. “I am sure there are some people here who believe it. But in the technical sense, in the economic definition of a what a socialist is, no, he’s not a socialist.”

Paul goes on to argue, using his near-win bully pulpit that Obama is a ‘corporatist.’ Of course in the realm of semantics he may be correct. But on the other hand in clear terms Obama is a socialist. Everything that Obama desires and stands for moves towards the ends of taking freedom from the individual American citizen and placing it in the handsAlign Center of a centralized Federal government, planner, bean counter, bureaucrat, committee, or someone that will deemed to be better at ‘guiding’ your life than you are. Whether that is G.E. or Uncle Sam matters not. Whether or not corporations play a heavy hand in that (which they do, which is corporatism), does not take away from the fact that it is socialism. The end-result is indentical. The Lonely Conservative thinks like I do:
In a sense, Ron Paul was right when he called Obama a corporatist. He was also right when he said plenty of Republicans are also corporatists.

I haven’t heard the whole speech, but none of the news reports I’ve read indicate whether or not Paul spoke of Obama spreading the wealth around. The Democrats have all but admitted that Obamacare is all about transferring wealth from the rich to the poor. Further, aren’t all socialists and communists also corporatists? Aren’t they all cut from the same central economic planning cloth?

I say, Obama is both a corporatist and a socialist. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Well said, TCL.


RightKlik said…

Corporatist + Socialist = Fascist?

Bungalow Bill said…

Republicans better wake up. Romney is not the answer. Romneycare became Obamacare.

d.eris said…

"Everything that Obama desires and stands for moves towards the ends of taking freedom from the individual American citizen . . ."

See, the Democrats really aren't that different from the Republicans. Freedom and independence today begins with freedom and independence from the dictatorship of the Democratic-Republican two-party state and the tyranny of ruling criminal-political class.

Chris W said…

I think the 2nd choice question gives a truer snapshot of where support is really at.

Also while Gov Johnson didn't do well in the 1st choice he did jump up to 6% in the second choice and was still close to Huckabee, Pawlenty, Pence and Santorum, all of whom have far more national exposure.

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