Mike Pence: Let Your Voice Be Heard on HR 3962

by the Left Coast Rebel

Pelosicare and the subsequent squishdown of liberty that it encompasses is coming down the pike. A vote is scheduled within a few days. Michelle Bachmann and a band of citizens are planning on storming the capitol on Thursday November 5. Attend this event if by chance you are anywhere near. I have a reader in Pennsylvania that just contacted me and is going to make it. Contact every Blue Dog House member on this list, use the template provided.

Do whatever it may civically take to stop HR 3962..

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Just a conservative girl said…

I have one more proxy person left. Do you want a friend of mine to stand in for you?

They are dems who are against the bill, and will only go if I can prove that people from other parts of the country want to come and can't.

Let me know – I am actually trying to get to bed early tonight. I am working at the polls tomorrow and have to be up at 4. There is a post on my blog, put your name in and the name of your congressman so we can stop by that office.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Consgirl – I would love that, I pledge my support of this event and if not for distance would be there. I'll do that right now at your site

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