Michelle Bachman: Pelosi Health Care Bill, Socialism, November 5 Tea Party Alert

by the Left Coast Rebel

I love mentioning Michele Bachmann on the site. Her name, as I have said; sends moonbats into orbit. They hate here nearly as much as Sarah Palin. That’s just one of the reasons I love her. Obama/Pelosicare – “The crown jewel of socialism”

How about this? If Obama/Pelosicare passes, the Obamanation will have assumed control over 48% of the private economy this year.

Watch it:

Frankly I’m just using this video for linkage at Memeorandum to tout Bachmann’s November 5 DC Tea Party, an effort to storm the Capitol and let our voices of dissent be heard. Just a Conservative Girl tipped me on this last night, she has more details at her site.
Via Memeorandum
h/t Gateway Pundit


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