Memoranda of American National Heroes – 21 Gun Salute

Memorial – the origin of the word dates back to 1350 AD, from the Latin root memorialis meaning “for or containing memoranda. I am pondering our nation’s Memorial dawn-to-dusk salute of our heroes, fallen and survived. Of history back to our founding, of current conflicts. The very essence and nature of our heroes – to protect that which we cherish and value more than anything – our republic, our freedoms and our country.

Reflecting back to memories of my youth vivid stories come to life. A grandfather’s recollection of being trailed by a Japanese submarine while aboard an American destroyer en route to India, 1942. Depth-charge explosions against the underwater foe were no comforting slumber-aid to the man. A man of 17 years of age away from his new bride and family for 4 years. It still seemed to him like yesterday.

Or another grandfather, unable to attend overseas thus recruited to engineer the very warrior-vessels housed of steel and flesh that were sent off thousands of miles to fight. Welding-torch in hand this man, also a ‘kid’ by today’s standards, helped fashion our fleet in Long Beach, California. Years of toil and sweat for the war-effort, it seemed to him like yesterday.

Or of the Twin-Towers falling on that fateful morning of September the 11th, 2001. Of the shocking reminder to a culture that in many ways has forgotten – our freedoms are not to be taken for granted or voted away to the bullhorn-demagogue of the day. For that as soon as we forget, they shall be gone…..


Ananda girl said…

Well said. Many thank yous to those who serve and have served.

Ky Long Rider said…

Great post, thanks.

Debbie said…

Thanks for the fine post, for service and for speaking out.

I fear too many have forgotten not just September 11, 2001 and all that has happened since, but they have forgotten all that went before. History is something that is either not stressed or is taught with a particular slant.

Thanks for visiting Right Truth, always love to meet kindred spirits.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Opus #6 said…

Nicely written. I will never forget September 11, 2001.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Ananda – Yes, well said

Ky Long Rider – You are welcome

Debbie – I fear the same, it’s up to us to keep the memory of both history and 9-11 alive…

Opus – I won’t either

The Law said…

I really enjoy this holiday because it is really important to give thanks to all those who make the ultimate sacrifice to defend America.

Having worked in a veteran’s home for 5 years, I’ve heard amazing stories of bravery and sacrifice. So I’d like to offer my salutue to soldiers past and present, living and fallen, and offer a most sincere thanks.

AirmanMom said…

This is my first visit to your blog and I like what I read. Thank you!

toaster lover said…

It’s always striking to remember just how young they were (and are)- yet somehow more adult than a great many will ever be regardless of age.

Left Coast Rebel said…

The Law – I tip my hat to you as well for your contribution to the veteran’s home – that is important work!

Airmanmom – Hope to see you again…

Toaster – yes, that is one of the most striking things about my grandfathers when I think back….

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