Meghan McCain has a book coming out? You’ve got to be kidding!

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

Supposedly, Meghan McCain is trending well on yahoo searches because of the book cover featured above and we all know that where there is a book cover, there is a book. reports:

Meghan McCain is getting ready to unleash a new book. The young blogger and writer of The New York Times bestselling children’s book “My Father John McCain” has penned a new novel called “Dirty, Sexy, Politics.” It hits book shelves August 31.

According to the book’s publisher, Hyperion, it covers, “Her experiences on the campaign trail, how the [Republican] party veered so far off track, why she is still a Republican, and more.”

Personally, I can’t think of a book I’d be less interested in reading. That includes the long lost 4th autobiography written by Bill Ayers and faked by “The One” himself. Honestly, I think I’d rather read about the meandering panderings of Lindsay Graham written in iambic pentameter.

Meghan! Please tell me that your editor has significantly cut down on the number of uses of the word “like.”

I digress.

At least the news provides me an excuse to post some additional Meghan McCain pictures. Please tip your beers to Rule 5!

Conservative Generation’s prediction on Meghan’s book: look for the book to sell big with gooey details of the evils of Sarah Palin. It’s the quickest way to get noticed in the media these days, it sells well with the nutroot left, and well, who else is going to buy and read her book?


Here is the description of Dirty Sexy Politics from Meghan’s publisher, Harper Collins.

With a mix of serious topics and an appealing and light-hearted voice, McCain explores what it means to be a progressive Republican in the party today. Throughout the presidential campaign she became increasingly frustrated with the Republican Party, and yet, she still loved its fundamental values. Through her experiences blogging from the campaign trail and her articles for THE DAILY BEAST, she is ideally poised to expound on the future of the Republican Party from the perspective of one of its young, vocal members. McCain touches on topics ranging from what the party needs to do to attract others like her, to the importance of technology in reaching out to younger voters, to what needs to be done to keep young people passionate and involved in politics in the future. Did this past election signal a sea-change for how elections will be decided in the future? How can the Republican Party change its image and take advantage of what the Democrats started? McCain will delve into what it means to love the Republican Party, while not always fitting in.

She writes about her experiences on the campaign trail, how the party veered so far off track, why she is still a Republican, and more.

Update x2:

The following is a review from a “supposed” Harper Collins employee who has read an exceprt of Meghan McCain’s book. Spoiler Alert: the “supposed” Harper Collins employee admits to loose Democrat Party allegience. In the interest of thorough research, I’ve posted below:

I suppose I should have known things would go differently than I imagined when I began reading an excerpt from the book. I won’t talk about specific things I read – at least, not until the book releases at the end of August and I can do a full review on it. What I will say DIRTY SEXY POLITICS (the titles was originally released at the beginning of January) is this – What I thought would be a painstakingly difficult read because I had no desire to read it was actually 22 pages of me flipping through her words because I wanted more. Already, it was a refreshing read from so many other political books and memoirs.

After meeting her, this is what I have to say…

Meghan McCain knows what she’s talking about, speaks like people her age, doesn’t try to be something she’s not, and is easy to like.

I can’t tell you what she told us about the book. I don’t even know if I can remember it all. But she’s excitable, just like any 25-year old who has a book coming out, and it was easy to share in that emotion when she was so proud and giddy about it. There are no filters with how she speaks. I felt like I was sitting next to (literally, she sat next to me when we were about to begin) a friend from college at a restaurant. When so many other authors or politicians sit there and seem to have a wall around them, Meghan McCain is refreshing in both speech and actions.

She knows what she’s talking about. She knows what she likes and dislikes – whether it’s about the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, books, politicians, journalists, clothes – and isn’t afraid to make statements. She’s not perfect and doesn’t claim to be. She has the same problems as others – plus a few that only celebrities would understand.

The breakfast lasted about 40 minutes during which she spoke and then did a mini-Q&A because that’s her favorite part of doing any meet-and-greet or speech. Afterward, I hung around a bit because I wanted to let her know that while I previously had no interest in reading her book or meeting her, I was glad that I had and that I couldn’t wait to read the rest of DIRTY SEXY POLITICS. I also couldn’t wait to blog about meeting her because, really, she was nothing like I expected, or I guess the better phrase would be, she was nothing like I imagined her to be since I had no expectations to begin with.

From what I’ve read so far, the word “forgetable” comes to mind.

Updated: Smitty at The Other McCain presents a simple query on the Megan McCain book (and especially, notably – the cover) and asks:

Is this what they mean by Junk In The Trunk?


  1. Left Coast RebelJul 20, 2010 06:59 PM
    You've got to be kidding, indeed. If Megan is a 'Republican' then I am Mickey Mouse.

    Can't this girl just go away? Who's going to read this?

    You are totally right on the 'book sales by Palin trashing' angle too.
  2. StogieJul 20, 2010 06:59 PM
    What a kook. So Meghan McCain wants "progressivism" in the GOP. As if one socialist, job-killing, poverty-inducing, anti-American party isn't enough. Oh yes! We should have liberals in the conservative movement too! Meghan could then claim that she is a "liberal conservative" or a leftwing rightist. Left is Right and down is up!

    What a naive, uninformed airhead.
  3. Left Coast RebelJul 20, 2010 07:03 PM
    Spot-on, Stogie.

    C-Gen – I love this quote – I think I’d rather read about the meandering panderings of Lindsay Graham written in iambic pentameter

    Perfectly put!
  4. conservative generationJul 20, 2010 07:13 PM
    Thanks LCR and the comments on the quote. I get poetic after 10pm.

    Stogie, actually, I embrace her ideology. I myself am a conservative progressive and my blog posts are just about how the Democrat party got off track.
  5. ProofJul 20, 2010 11:38 PM
    She's holding up Andy Warhol's picture next to her overinflated chest. (Much like her ego).
    Warhol may be best remembered for his "Fifteen minutes of fame" remark.
    Meghan will undoubtedly receive hers.
  6. JohnJul 21, 2010 12:55 AM
    I read to the point "a progressive Republican" and thought "Oxymoron".. Or would "moron" be more fitting? And if the apple falls not far from the tree, we can see a bit clearer what dad is about… RINO!

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