Meet Your Elites: Eric Holder

 By the republican Mother

What’s with this guy? Obviously he doesn’t have name recognition amongst the poll workers in Washington DC. Or maybe they just thought that (wink, wink) this was part of an ongoing operation–Everyone’s a Holder on election day! When he’s not sending in documents to Congressional committees that are so redacted that they are literally just big, black rectangles, the man is holding down the fort for our buddies the banksters.
redacted Fast and Furious “document”

It’s become patently obvious by now the whole drug war is run by the same gang/system that brings us just about everything that is evil in this world. From guarding poppy fields in Afghan. to laundering the proceeds through huge banks with no repercussions, the banksters use their tools in the DoJ to keep the drug prices up on this side of things. Fast and Furious, as well as Operation Wide Reciever, was all about giving American owned guns a bad rap. Ditto for that Trayvon business – that, and putting the Stand Your Ground laws on the chopping block.

Here is a little blast from the past, with a 1995 more fro’ed Eric Holder using the words gun and brainwash in the same sentence…

Today, nearly twenty years later, both middle class white America and gangbangers alike can agree, nothing is as good as one’s own weapon. Fail, Eric Holder, you fail.

So what other pies does this fellow have his hands in. Unlike our boy Bob Mueller, he didn’t go to a fancy prep school like so many of the Insiders. He seems to be more of a bootstrap case, like Gloria Steinem.


Bet you didn’t know that he was appointed to a 1988 judgeship in DC by Ronald Reagan himself? Oh my.. From 93 to 97, he was a US Attorney for DC. Recall that this is the period in which Robert Mueller wanted to work homicide in DC, taking a huge pay cut. Then in 1997, Holder goes to work for Janet Reno, whom had barbecued cult victims, shot homeschool moms, and pointed guns in the faces of small boys:
Behold the trump card of the State.
Eric Holder played a big part in getting Marc Rich pardoned, Jack Quinn, notorious tobacco lobbyist serving as Rich’s lawyer and go-between.  Rich was the proprietor of Glencore, a commodities company with it’s HQ in Switzerland. Holder also influenced Clinton to ease up on the Puerto Rican terrorist group, Boricua National Army, who had stolen millions in a bank robbery and had perpetrated political violence. My guess is that this Boricua group was a CIA front. The banksters protect their own, to an extent. Apparently, the rest of the government was not in on this, as their clemency was opposed by just about everyone in the Attorney’s office, the FBI, etc. 
Well, as the Clinton’s left office, Eric Holder found himself in private practice for the first time, from what I can determine. He may have done a college co-op or such. But he goes to work at Covington & Burling, where Fed Cartel lawyers hang out between stints in government and corporate cushyness. His clients included Merck ( write your own punchline), the NFL (against the Michael Vick stuff), and Chaquita (for buying protection off of a terrorist group).
The rest you probably are aware of if you’ve been following the news. It is interesting that he was on the board at MCI at one point, but hey -banksters always let their guys get some stock to play with, right?  He is a trustee at his alma mater, Columbia University. He is also a trustee at Save the Children, the quality of whose work I am currently unaware of. Holder is also a trustee at the Meyer Foundation, a nonprofit that spreads money around DC.
Well, there you have it, Eric Holder playing his part for the powers that be. His part description would seem to read, get Americans away from their guns with all your might. I wonder if he realizes how hokey this whole facade of federal government has become? As our laws have verged away from natural law and into political law, the force of the State has lost its moral authority and has morphed into a purely tyrannical and jackbooted entity. Know this well, any Insiders who tread here, the second amendment will be the last one to go, only after you’ve exhausted those 450 million rounds. We might be cheap, but we won’t be easy.

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