Media has new word to replace their use of ‘Partisan’

by Conservative Generation for the Left Coast Rebel

There is a word missing from all the coverage on Obamacare’s passage and signing. It’s one we used to hear all the time and it wasn’t that long ago that its presence graced the pages of the MSM almost daily. Now that Obama’s in office, I kind of miss it. It was only two short years ago that the media was obsessed with the word “Partisan.”

One could write volumes about liberal bias in the media. Some have. I’ll not bore you with what everyone already knows; the MSM works as activists for the far left’s agenda. It’s something the left brags about and the right scorns, but since I haven’t seen anyone else pointing out the silent departure of the word “Partisan” in relation to Obama’s agenda, I think it’s worth the diversion.

The left is obsessed with word replacement. Don’t say “czar,” say “special adviser.” You can’t say “health care reform,” instead say “insurance reform.” The media is often the information chamber that makes these replacements possible. This is why the word “Partisan” was replaced with the word “Historic.”

My thesis brings us to the wonderful and far left NY Times:

Here is the headline from the historic confirmation of Alberto Gonzales. “Largely partisan vote confirms Gonzales as attorney general.” The Bush nominee was the first Hispanic US AG. It is also interesting that the vote was not strictly partisan, but that doesn’t stop the NY Times from using the word. Of course NY Times is being hypocritical and has no beef with declaring a democratic bill bipartisan with a single republican vote.

Here is the headline from NY Times on Obamacare’s passage in the house. “Obama hails vote on health care as answering ‘the call of history.’” The word ‘historic’ leaks from all over the webpage. The democrat majority vote was neither described as ‘Partisan’ nor was the opposition described as “Bi-partisan.”

Of course, it is not just the health care debate that the media finds so ‘historic,’ but all of Obama’s agenda. Personally, I care little for the media using either ‘historic’ or ‘partisan.’ It would be beneficial for all Americans if the media focused on whether Obama’s agenda is good for America instead of good for Obama and other leftist politicians. You can be sure I won’t be holding my breath.

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