A Little Personal Note

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor’s Note: I put the following up at my Facebook page and thought that you would like it in case you didn’t see it there).

Lucy came into my life when I first met my wife. At the time, Mrs. LCR was living in Los Angeles and quite busy so she opted to have Lucy live with me in San Diego at my house.

I hated her……

I called her the ‘little monkey’ and felt like she invaded my privacy….and that’s not to mention the hair, not having had a pet in years, among other things.

Alas, how times change. Lucy is now officially a member of the family (as I’m sure you can tell in the pics).

lazy lucy

lucy milk

lucy snuggler

lucy ball of fur

If you can believe it, these pictures were taken in just one day….


  1. Yep. She civilized ya.


  2. Lucy is a big girl and she looks very happy

  3. How sweet. Thanks for sharing sweet kitteh memories.

  4. Actually, I believe it is Mrs. LCR who is civilizing you, helped by Lucy.And doing a good job of it too!

  5. You may have a crunchy coating, but your middle is soft and chewy. Viva cats.

  6. How do you get away with having leather furniture??? And a cat???

    Mine would have consumed it all by now,

  7. Is that your face the cat is sleeping on?

  8. It's quite an honor to be adopted by a cat. Congratulations.

  9. Best example of an oxymoron: Normal Cat. 🙂

    I am back from Italy, and was happy to be greeted with cute kitten pics to ease the transition back to my normal Tea Party activism. It is good to be reading you again!

  10. Irish – It could be 🙂

    Dean – Indeed

    Red – Thanks, I'll return the favor!

    Dugdan – yah-think? 🙂

    Nickie – takes one to know one, friend.

    Bob – I hate to say it, Bob but Lucy is 'de-clawed,' the previous owner had that done, so the leather is safe.

    C-Gen – No! That's my leg….I do have boundaries still, my friend!

    Lilac – Haha, I know…

    Mut – Glad to have you back!

    Hazaa – Indeed she is =^.^=

  11. Welcome to the darkside. We humans make great pets for our feline masters.


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