Libertarian Streak: is Christine O’Donnell Pro Marijuana Legalization?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just got tipped by Eric Dondero over at Libertarian Republican on a breaking story on insurgent tea party Delaware primary winner Christine O’Donnell.

The story hinges on Christine O’Donnell potentially taking a far more libertarian stand on the War on Drugs in general and the legalization of marijuana in particular.

Bringing you up to speed, Eric Dondero goes straight to the Delaware Libertarian party for the scoop (Will McVay, Chairman of the Kent County Libertarian Party):

According to Will McVay, Chairman of the Kent County Libertarian Party, O’Donnell was asked specifically during Q&A about issue of drug legalization. She said:
“Drug policy should be decided at the state level, not the federal level.”
McVay also stated that she “did not shy away from the libertarian label.”

Interesting. Even more for Libertarian Republican:
Libertarian Republican has since learned from another source, that O’Donnell went on record in firm oppositition to the war on drugs with at least one other well-known libertarian organization.

This is certainly an interesting new aspect to Christine O’Donnel’s candidacy. It may solidify her support on the libertarian side of the tea party spectrum. Regardless of your opinion on the War on Drugs or marijuana as well, it potentially plays against the ‘radical social conservative extremist’ meme that the left and press are relentlessly pushing. It is sure to raise eyebrows in the establishment GOP as well.

There’s more at Libertarian Republican and Eric will be updating as more details come out, stay tuned for updates here at Left Coast Rebel as well.

Updated: I spoke with Kent County Libertarian party chair Will McVay, to see if he had any more details on the story.

In particular I wanted to know if he had audio or video of Christine O’Donnell’s “drug policy should be at the state level..” statement at a Delaware LP Q&A. Unfortunately, he did not.

Updated x2: I just spoke with New Castle County LP chair George Barnett. Although he didn’t have any information on Christine O’Donnell, he seemed fairly enthusiastic about O’Donnell in the Diamond State. He will, however, support the Delaware LP candidate in November.

Some of the ‘on the record’ quotes to the Left Coast Rebel from Delaware LP chair George Barnett include:

“If O’Donnell goes to Washington, 60-80% of her votes will be spot-on.”

“She’s still a Neocon but strong fiscally.”

Again he seemed to like her but didn’t have info on her war on drugs or marijuana stance.


rosewood59 said…

For all the money we spend in fighting the drug war… make the drugs legally available. Economically and socially we get out ahead. How so? the money spent fighting the drug war (in and of itself a whole economical/labor intensive industry) can be put to education, "re-medial medial assistance" and put the drug lord out of business.

However… beware, with the drug war spending dollar amounts saved and redirected, this country is just crazy enough to give the drug lords months and months of "un-employmnet benefits."

Makes sense to me?

Left Coast Rebel said…

Rosewood – That position does make a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.

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