Liberal Media Bias? Press Caught Bashing Palin on Open Mic at Cal State Stanislaus

by the Left Coast Rebel

The worst thing about systemic liberal media bias is that the media denies it even exists. Those of us with two brain cells to rub together know better:

captions the incident above:

Following a live feed of Sarah Palin’s speech at Cal State Stanislaus, reporters are caught openly trashing the former Vice Presidential candidate. The audio went out on the live feed supplied by Fox 40.

Dan Riehl highlights how this story was broken by 3 ladies proving how effective the fifth estate has become:
“@sistertoldjah I am already sick of Weigel. We have a big expose on MSM bias, and it gets little attention” twittered rising blog star Cubachi a few minutes ago. We checked out her story and Sister Toldjah’s on-the-scent post, and eureka! Those two new-media woman warriors and a handful of nightowls (see below) were witness in the wee hours to a Weigel-like revelation as unidentified “newsmen” covering Sarah Palin‘s controversial California State University Stanislaus speech felt free to spew the Palin’s-a-Pinhead party line into the ether when they didn’t realize the microphone was still on.
Read the rest here. Sister Toldjah has a great rundown on the affair (and her own Memeo thread, woo-hoo!), along with a partial transcript taken from the video above:

Anyway, she gave a great speech as always (commentary/live Tweets are here) but at times the Fox40 live feed was hard to hear – they were having audio issues. But at the end of the speech is where it got interesting. Here’s what some of the audio/camera guys** were saying:

“The dumbness doesn’t just come from soundbites.”


“I can’t believe she quoted Kennedy – twice.”


“how am I going to write about this-there’s nothing there-answer well there’s your story” (source for this quote)

Read her report (the best) here as well. Oh yah, almost forgot – Fox40 in Sactown admits the comments were made by ‘reporters’ but not Fox reporters….does Cubachi prove otherwise?

Imagine if ‘reporters’ were heard belittling the Obamanation like this (raaaaacism!), would you get any reaction from the libtard-left like this?

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  1. I am 100% and committed to followed Ms. Palin.


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