Leftist Violence on Display in the Harry Weisiger/Mark Duren Case, Why Does the Leftist Mob All Sound Like Charles Johnson?

by Conservative Generation for the Left Coast Rebel

Mark Duren sparked a fire of leftist hatred after the media over-publicized his account concerning a road rage incident last Friday. What enragement could provoke comments such as “I would have beat him (Harry Weisiger) to death right there on the spot” to spring up all over leftist sites like Crooks and Liars :

crooks and liars

Was it that the alleged offender in the accident was driving under the influence? Nope! Was it that he left the scene of the accident? Nada! The most important detail that the left extrapolated from Mark Duren’s account was that he was allegedly the victim of Obama-bumpersticker-violence.

Never mind that it is extremely difficult to surmise the intentions of one pointing at something below your rearview mirror (most of your car is below your rearview mirror). Never mind that the other driver, Harry Weisiger, denies that the incident had anything to do with an Obama bumpersticker. Never mind that no media outlet had reported Harry Weisiger’s political affiliations, the leftist-hate mentality kicked into high gear. When we at LCR, pointed these facts out to the left, we got a large number of hits (thank you rabid leftist mob) and an inbox full of hate comments:

comments a

Nice! Sarah Palin derangement + teabaggers and LCR implication. Leftist trolls were also posting Harry Weisiger’s address to intimidate him and harass him. The Left Coast Rebel didn’t indulge them by posting his address:

comment b

Conservative terrorists? Is that you, Charles Johnson? How about these vile examples of leftist extremism:

comments c

Once again, is that you – Charles Johnson?

The proof is here that the leftwing is very capable of hatred, taunts and violence – aimed at a man that they knew nothing about and towards anyone that dared to challenge their dogma. Much like the Democrat party/MSM cabal that is doing this on a national scale as well, they fit to the meme regardless of facts.

It seems that the Left Coast Rebel hit close to the mark as Mark Duren, the alleged Obama-bumpersticker road rage victim, has joined LCR in denouncing the left’s vitriol:

In the wake of the attack, Duren was dismayed to see an equally furious tone seep onto the Democratic blogs and message boards. People called Weisiger a lunatic, and worse, and began to dig into his background, searching for dirt.

“I believe what he did was terrible, endangering me and my daughter,” he said. “But to call this man they don’t know a lunatic, it just seems a little bit much.

The Tennessean also reported this of Weisiger:

Those who know Weisiger describe him as a responsible businessman and a father of four with no history of violent behavior.

“He was just a loyal employee, with no previous incidents of any sort like the one being described,” said Patrick Parker, spokesman for Hardaway Construction Corp., where Weisiger worked for 25 years before retiring in 2008. “You never know, I guess.”

Court records show Weisiger was previously charged with driving under the influence in 1985, but he wasn’t convicted.

Weisiger, who served as vice president of the construction company’s real estate division, retired in 2008 to work on his golf game and spend more time with his wife, Judy.

Judy Weisiger died last month, at age 66, after a long battle with brain cancer. She left behind her husband, three sons and a daughter.

There is no sign that Weisiger is a political activist. Calls to his home went unreturned Friday.

“He was just a wonderful guy, and we think the world of him,” Parker said.

This sad tale is yet more proof of the vitriol of the left. I wonder where this will all end up?

Update #1

Say, is that firedoglake complaining about the right? I wish I could have thought of something to make their list. There’s no point in being a conservative blog if you aren’t going to be accused of hating the FBI. I think I’ll hold out for a more outrageous title like, “LCR hates babies” or something.

Also, be sure to check out Crooks and Liar’s indisputable proof of conservative racism, because not just anyone can call the republican line on C-Span. It’s a party secret and you need to know the handshake and all.


  1. Note to debaser71 re the beating… Not in Tennessee! You wouldn't beat any man to death because the non-trash talking Tennesseans would have stepped up and put your face in the mud… just where it belongs. Hope you aren't breeding.

  2. Wow.. I started reading the comments in that firedoglake post you linked. Talk about some vicious people!

    I have to ask.. I'm intrigued by the radical leftist comments you get – why not let their comments come through, so everyone can see the hate they spew?

    I don't moderate for that very reason. As you've probably seen, I actually get a leftist worthy of engaging upon occasion, but mostly they just prove themselves to be what we know they are.


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