Leftist Smear Machine Reaches Climax of Absurdity:Christine O’Donnell and Witchcraft

by the Left Coast Rebel


The Soros led, communist attack machine collective machination has reached a new low. And this time Christine O’Donnell is not some b#tshit crazy, wide-eyed, fundamentalist-taliban equivalent, rather she is a Satan Worshipper.

Talk about throwing in the kitchen sink (and broomstick, eye of newt…) against a person. Perhaps if the smear merchants had tried to be even a little more subtle in their effort, they might have been effective.

Any moment here I expect to read that Christine O’Donnell was involved in 1988’s Burton classic Beetlejuice:

Some leftist turd was sitting on his soiled sofa in his parent’s basement and caught this on Bill Maher’s HBO show:

The Other McCain has a classic take on this O’Donnell ‘witch’ controversy as well. I like this line:

Typical witch pickup line: “Want to go see a movie down at the multiplex and then . . . oh, I don’t know . . . hang out with Beelzebub?”

Updated: Fellow San Diego SLOB member Leslie Eastman checks in, “In Defense of Witches...”

Updated Again: I really like this from JadedBy…at Red State:

So yesterday she was a stuck up Christian telling you not to masturbate today she is a witch Powerline MUST Take Her Out To Be Right. This demon woman is all things to all haters. There is nothing she can do right. Did it ever occur to these people that the people are onto them and know they want to ruin her to be right about her not winning and will do everything in their power to ensure she doesn’t win.


Amusing Bunni said…

OMG, these people are certifiable. I feel like doing a "drinking with bob" and saying "WHAT NEXT"?

RightKlik said…

How entirely predictable. The war on conservative women has officially turned into a witch hunt.

Mutnodjmet said…

LCR: I would like to chime in, as a recent convert to Catholicism. Is there are time-line on the witch-craft activities? I bet she did it in high school or college — at a time when it was chic to be part of a coven or a "goth" group. Truly, this would be a bid deal ONLY if she were practicing NOW.

If I ran for public office, all of you would be treated to my belly-dancing videos! I also read Tarot cards and palms, too!

If Tea Party types are truly interested in helping O'Donnell now, then in addition to sending cash, we should be scouring the records on Chirs Coons — bearded Marxist.

I would write more, but I am teaching my son the fine art of video editing.

John said…

Yet Sen. Byrd was given the pass after his death to having realized the error in his ways according to another credible politician named Bill Clinton…“…he spent the rest of his life making it up. And that's what a good person does."
Like Bill would know what a good person is…
Bill Maher is a…

Mutnodjmet said…

I have expanded my comments and included video and graphics:

In Defense of Witches

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