Left Coast Rebel Q&A; with Dr. Milton R. Wolf, M.D.


by the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor’s Note) Dr. Milton R. Wolf, M.D. (above), was kind enough to field a few questions from your humble correspondent. As you know, Dr. Wolf is Barack Obama’s 2nd cousin, an M.D. and a vocal critic of Obamacare. I appreciate his response to LCR – Dr. Wolf told me that he has been incredibly busy with a ‘big project’ that will be announced tomorrow on stage at Sean Hannity’s show in Kansas City. I wonder what it is?

Left Coast Rebel Q&A with Dr. Milton R. Wolf, M.D.:

LCR: I like your site – The Wolf Files, the ‘Instapundit‘ format. How did you come to the “12% Pure Hope” phrase that is associated with The Wolf Files?

The genealogists came to that one. Barack and I are second cousins, so if he is 100% hope, that makes me 12% hope. I’ll settle for that.

LCR: How do you balance familial pride of Obama vs. opposition to his agenda? How does your family view your opposition?

Barack and I have a very different vision of and for America. I believe our strength lies in our people and he believes it lies in our government. Of course I’m proud to be in the family that fate put in the front row of history and I am genuinely proud of Barack’s achievements. Still, I consider myself duty-bound to take a stand for my country. We are nothing if we are not free.

The family, for the most part, has taken all this in stride. Some have been enormously supportive and some wish I would keep my opinions to myself. My mother says she never liked to get in the middle of her kids’ arguments. It’s hard to describe exactly the whirlwind phenomenon of launching onto the national scene and all the predictable and unpredictable things that come along with it. Everything that can be said about me has; from, I should be the next president, to, I have a psychiatric disorder … and that’s just from my own family.

LCR: How has your field of medicine already been directly affected by health care ‘reform’ passage?

My patients are worried. They tell me this every opportunity they get. It’s clear that when the Medicare cuts kick in and the private insurance premiums increase, the ramifications will drive a wedge between patients and their doctors. This week one of my colleagues lamented to me that he thinks he will have to drop Medicare if he hopes to keep his practice open. 70% of his patients are on Medicare. Seventy percent. It’s not clear where they will go.

If your goal was to create a class of people who could not see a doctor, it’s hard to imagine a better plan that to, first, addict the population to Medicare and then, second, force the doctors out of the plan.

A few questions from Left Coast Rebel readers:

Conservative Generation (co-conspirator of the Left Coast Rebel) asks: Dr. Wolf, which elements of the health care reform bill do you view as most onerous for Doctors and which elements are most onerous for patients? How do you think health care providers will respond to the legislation?

The most troubling part of the plan is that the government is so desperate to force itself between you and your doctor. Medicare patients will struggle to find a doctor. Patients who do see a doctor will be left to wonder if they received the best care possible or if the government simply wouldn’t allow it. Barack benefitted, for example, from a CT Virtual Colonoscopy at his recent annual physical. This study has been available for years and is well-proven and most patients prefer the idea of cat scan to a 6-foot camera being directed towards their own Netherlands. The government has already seen to it, however, that you and I will not benefit from CT Virtual Colonoscopy as Barack has. What else will they deny you?

Hack Wilson asks: Dr. Wolf, do you predict a so called “Doctor’s Revolt” following implementation of Obamacare in 2014 and if so, how widespread to you believe it will be?

The New England Journal of Medicine recently showed a survey that nearly half of doctors would consider leaving medicine altogether if ObamaCare passes into law. No one predicts 50% will actually leave, but what if it’s 10%, or even 5%? We already have a doctor shortage. These big government types openly boast that they will never let a crisis go to waste. The next crisis will be as predictable and manufactured as the insurance company “crisis” was. It will be the claim that doctors, it turns out, are just as evil as the insurance companies. They don’t care enough about patients to care for those on government plans. They must be taken over too, after all they studied at ‘public’ universities.

Wes Messamore, the Humble Libertarian asks: Dr. Wolf, given your new-found activism for liberty, who would you consider to be the most effective candidate from the Republican field to challenge Obama? Have you considered former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson?

There are many good men and women who will champion liberty, but that is for tomorrow. Today, I will give focus on removing the 219 Representatives and 60 Senators who voted to foist this government takeover upon us. November can’t come soon enough and in some states – including mine – we may not have to wait that long. Stay tuned…

My thanks goes to you and all your readers at Left Coast Rebel. Yours is truly one of the great conservatives websites.

Thank you to Dr. Wolf as well. I look forward to future correspondence.


Teresa said…

Awesome Interview!! I would love to talk to Dr. Wolf. I have been enjoying his site since I started following him. He is very knowledgeable on both political issues and medicine, which an added benefit. I can't wait to hear about his 'big project'.

The Conservative Lady said…

Great post LCR. Thank you.

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