The Left Coast Rebel Celebrates it’s First Anniversary Today

by the Left Coast Rebel

Blogger-bud Clifton at Another Black Conservative today lit a candle for LCR’s first anniversary. As Clifton says, the endeavour (that has turned into something beyond my wildest dreams), was actually initiated by Mrs. LCR as an alternative to throwing things and/or yelling/cursing at the television over politics and the dissolution of our freedoms (that began under George W. Bush). I’m not sure I agree with how much faith Cliff has in me but I do know that I love doing this – it has ignited a passion in me for writing and conservative activism that I did not know even existed. Perhaps one day, I will even make my living from writing.

Thank you everyone, for a great year of readership and helping bring this nation back.


Bungalow Bill said…

Congrats! You have made a huge accomplishment in a year!

Michael Wardell said…

Congrats! and keep up the good work.

Steve Burri said…

You've come far, Pilgrim.

No Sheeples Here! said…

It is a joy to see your success as you celebrate your first blog-a-birthday and your passion.

In retrospect, I and all your other readers, are glad Mrs. LCR's alternative to throwing things, etc. was the impetus for your site.

Keep up the good work Tim and congratulations.

Sparky said…

Congrats LCR!! Wahoo! You've come a long way baby. 🙂
I've enjoyed reading your posts immensely and look forward to many years of good information yet to come.

Howard Towt said…

As Professor Reynolds would say, "Happy Blogiversary!" You've created a presence that is both needed and appreciated.


Eric Dondero said…

Congrats Tim.

I'm giving you a birthday gift; a plug over at Libertarian Republican tonight. Look for it.

Keyboard Jockey said…

Congratulations, your blog is one that I make a point of reading everyday.

conservative generation said…

LCR – tell me that you didn't give up throwing things? What could be more therapeutic than blogging and throwing things?

Happy blog B-Day!

Rational Nation USA said…

Tim – Happy first blogo-birthday and congratulations on your well earned success.

Chris W said…

Happy anniversary Tim.

It's a great blog indeed.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ BB – Same to you!

@ M. Wardell – Thank you, best of luck in your race too.

@ Steve B. – 🙂

@ Sheeples – Thank you for gracing my site with your great work.

@ Sparky – I appreciate your faithful readership.

@ Howard – WUZZAH, indeed!

@ Dondero – Thanks for the plug. As you could tell my 'day job' was on hold today so most of the day was spent dispelling the left propganda against the pentagon shooter. Thanks for the link.

@ Keyboard – Thanks for stickin' with me!

@ C-Gen – Perhaps I shouldn't have given up throwing thing? Hey, this week was great with you at the helm too, I hope you can keep at it with me, thanks a million!

@ Les – Thank you sir.

@ Chris – Thanks!

Reaganite Republican said…

Congrats on the milestone, linked today at the Reaganite Republican… enjoy your weekend…


Libertarian Advocate said…

Tim: Bravo !!! You've worked really hard on this venture and you're a tireless advocate for what's right. You should be very proud on how far you've come in so short a time. I wish I had even a quarter of your energy.

Writer X said…

Congrats and thanks for creating such an informative blog. Always fun to hang out here.

Alice Linahan said…

Sending a big Texas Congratulations!!

I love reading your blog daily!!
Keep up the great work!!

Wes Messamore said…

Happy Birthday, Rebel!

Clifton B said…

More cake and ice cream please! BTW, how much you want to bet I am right about you next year? Just remember us little folks when you make it big!

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