Shock and ABC – Of Blitzkrieg

I’m at the political section of ABC’s website (unfortunately), the entire home-page of their site is a venerable smorgasbord of Obamanation health care propagandizing. No wait, there is a huge leading banner of Mark Sanford, crying and admitting his infidelity to his wife. Stop the presses at the White House! Stop the newsreels! A popular conservative Republican governor has admitted extracurricular extramarital activity here. Now that is something that will lead over state-press sponsored telethons to propagate socialized medicine. Could the Sanford story preempt the Obamanation socialized medicine telethon on the teli? I may hope but I seriously doubt it.

So I’m on the ABC site, (still unfortunately but at least you don’t have to), and am reading banners at the top. This is a precise, actual list on the banner that flips over, breaking stories –

  1. Choked up SC Gov Admits Affair (As I said, a breaking story like this will preempt even the Obamanation propaganda, I mean come on!)

  2. George Stephanopoulos on Sanford : Man in Real Pain (Again, like I said, nice that a Clinton crony can be an objective reporter! Wow!)

  3. Nightline Twittercast : Obama on Health Care (State-run media adulation, if this were in Spanish, I would think it was coming from Castro’s government)

  4. Gov. Sanford’s Vacay and Health Care (A two-fer! Hyenas circling the corpse of a conservative, and socialized health-care propaganda!)

  5. MIA GOP Governor Reveals Affair (Hmmm, why do they keep referring to him as a GOPer? Note that in #7, the DC Mayor is not referred to as a Democrat, which he is of course read this)

  6. Obama on Health Care : “We Can Get it Done” (Of-course we can, by taxing health benefits, exempting unions from said tax, creating ‘competition’ with a single-payer government program, ram-rodding legislation through in the middle night before anyone, rep or not can read it and BAM! out of thin air – Obamanation Health Care, yippee!)

  7. DC Mayor Spreads Blame for Train Crash (Like I said, why no mention of him being a liberal Democrat? ABC, we’re on to you, you aren’t even good at propaganda, try more subtlety)

  8. Obama Condemns ‘Unjust Actions in Iran’ (Hmmm, how many days/weeks did this take? And I didn’t really take it as condemnation…)

  9. New Tape of Nixon’s ‘Best’ Days in Office ( What? Really? Where do I go here? Nixon? That was 40 years ago! Note that they ‘best’, best )

  10. Exclusive : Obama Sits Down With Sawyer (Softball questions, state-run press, check all)

  11. Obama on Need to Set Best Practices (I’m passing)

  12. Obama ’95 percent Cured’ of Smoking Habit (Now here we go, who cares? Are you kidding me? Would this be a story under a conservative presidency? A ready and willing, able and abetting press…‘Mr. President, what kind of socks are you wearing today….can I pick that up for you’?

  13. George : Obama Polls Falling (I take it all back, one token story on what is actually happening, but let’s not focus here….)

  14. Obama Steps up Rhetoric on Iran (Refer to # 8)

  15. First Family’s Struggle with Eating Right (You’ve got to be kidding me. No really. This is a ‘news’ story? Are we all idiots?)

  16. Parsing Obama’s Health Care Promise (Ahh, his ‘promise‘. I feel so warm and fuzzy. Too bad none of you have read the actual Kennedy/Dodd bill here. Subsidization of unhealthy behaviour, mandates from USSRish pols and buearacrats, ‘single-payer’ crowding out private companies because the government never has to show a profit?

  17. Can Obama Fix the Econonomy? ( Wow, with the proverbial poop hitting the fan every day in the economy, a jobless rate not seen in 30 years, a minuscule fraction of the generational-theft ‘stimulus‘now or never’ bill having been spent , an Administration seemingly perplexed and bewildered…..ABC, grasping for faux objectivity in saying – can Obama fix the economy? ABC, you, as well as the rest of the press are pathetic lap-dogs for liberal elitism, you have no standing in reality and main street, you are unethical at best and treasonous at worst. The fact that you would flaunt your obsession with the Obamanation to the degree that you are is why people trust you and your cronies less than trial attorneys and/or politicians.


Teresa said…

ABC is now called the All Barrack Channel. ABC is violating the code of ethics in regard to journalism. They are so in the tank for Obama, it's not even funny. ABC has proven they are not professional journalists anymore.ABC is not suppose to promote one side of an issue, as they are doing now. It surprised me what abc had on their website. Thanks for the information.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Teresa – I know! I am on Twitter right now and people are really angry about this. This is so disgusting; mind you I didn't watch the crap on t.v. because I can't stomach it, I just showed readers here what is on their website. It is surprising,insane!

Casey Brown-Myers said…

You had better drink many adult beverages while viewing the ABCPravda political page. Thank you for doing it so we don't have to. Thanks for taking a bullet for the team.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Casey – Indeed, I had 2 Samuel Adams here at the desk to aid me in my mission, strangely I got a hangover from 2 beers….or was it the beer?

Carl Wicklander said…

I had practically ignored the whole Sanford soap opera to this point for one simple reason: I knew he was being smeared for refusing to accept stimulus money. Sanford was already a reviled figure in his own party for not "playing by the rules." I never would have guessed that he would have given the statists in both parties a pot of gold.

My immediate grief was what it did to any sort of liberty movement. He could have been a presidential candidate in 2012 of the Ron Paul mold. Now how many times are we going to hear "fiscal conservative" in the same breath as "adulterous Republican governor Mark Sanford"?

To channel Joe Biden, mark my words, there will be a protracted effort to connect anyone known as a fiscal conservative with Mark Sanford, whose name will not be uttered again in the state media without "who cheated on his wife" following it.

I am convinced that Sanford would never have received the attention he's gotten in the past week if it wasn't for his fiscal conservatism. In no way does that make his adultery excusable, but if Sanford had been a moderate Republican governor of your average blue state and had gleefully accepted the stimulus money stolen from taxpayers, he would have gotten away with doing the obligatory lip-bite with his wife standing behind him. Sanford was a threat to the establishments of both parties and needed to be destroyed. Even they must have been surprised at the gift Sanford gave them.

This is a sad day for anyone in the Sanford family and anyone to the right of Lindsey Graham.

Just a conservative girl said…

I am on the other coast, so the obamamercial is over here. What will kill you is the fact that they wouldn't take ads against it, saying they don't run issue ads, but ran one for the plan during the hour!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING

madmath1 said…

The blind faith the media has for this man is downright frightening. I wish I could say I've never seen anything like this before, but unfortunately I have and it didn't have a pretty ending. The last time I saw something like this was a documentary called "Mien Keupt". It was excerps from Hitlers speeches and the effect it had on the crowds and the German media. What I'm seeing is making me transparent. The blind faith the media, the left, the anti-white racists, and by far too many morons and ding dongs here should have historians running for the hills. I remember what the intelligent and intellectual elites did in 1936 because they saw where everything was heading. If we continue to be so blind, the 52% that love this man so much even though they don't like his policies. Like do they think everything will turn out all right? That their faith in this man will prove the results to be different? Well, the German people did with Hitler. The results, they lost yet another war far worse than the one before, had atrocities that only the communists could excel and only because they have 10 times larger populance to which to victimized, an economy in ruins, and for half, total domination by a ruthless and evil enemy (the Russians). Those that refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Or as another historian once said, "History proves that man doesn't learn from hisotry". God be with us. We're going to need Him.

David said…

All I can say is that ABC sold its soul to Obama Messiahism. O great Obama. Heal us of our conservative sinning. We are not good enough to worship you(thank God for that!)

blackandgoldfan said…

ABC is just as happy as the rest of the MSM to saturate the American people with so many issues that other issues can be slipped by. How many of us knew that Cap and Trade is front and center tomorrow in Congress? The Sanford story was just another red herring to throw off the priorities of the American people.

Conservative Scalawag said…

I didn't even bother watching this piece of propanda from ABC.

I did hear though, there were three political comercials when ABC stated there were to be none.

Huh,how strange all three were liberal.

Libertarian Advocate said…

Here's a thought. Everyone who is unhappy with ABC Obamacare infomercial, write a letter in your own words (not some cut and paste deal) to the ABC board of directors, stating your discontent and the why of it. An what you plan to do about it, e.g. (and these are merely suggestions) a) collect the names of ABCs advertisers and boycott all products/services produced/delivered by such advertisers and b) cease watching any and all ABC programming (not just their news division shows) even if you happen to like a particular show or journalist (sorry John Stossel). Enough people do this and the effort may force a change in behavior

Libertarian Advocate said…

BTW… GREAT cartoon of Emanuel as puppeteer.

Andrew33 said…

Is anything really new about this? Didn't NBC ABC and C(the)BS all do this at election time? It is wonderful to see so many waking up to the fact that this is going on or getting so mad about it that they are voicing their opinions. This is what Americans didn't have in 1936 when F.D.R was doing the exact same thing. The opposition to F.D.R was tiny and silent. We are not. We are loud and growing. The MSM can ignore us if they want to but when we roll out numbers to obliterate the election in 2010, and Obama gets the nation's votes counted in 4 hrs saying that every Dem won in a landslide we too will be out in the streets just like the Iranian freedom fighters that Obama would not stand up for.

Andrew33 said…

Does anybody even know anybody who watched that stupid infomercial? I can't find anyone who did and I live in a very "liberal" area.

LandShark 5150 said…

LCR; great post, as norm. Stanford, well thanks to poppy Bush the big(R) party is one of ethics and moral family values. The libs will eat him, yet they seem to forget John Edwards(while wife has cancer), Bubba Clinton(what is,IS), JFK(endless list),FDR(hot springs retreat). Stanford's Wife did the right thing buy the timing and words of her speach. Is his pol. career over? probably not. But, he did attack the big O, so I could be wrong. Will have a little piece on the attack and the lib media later tonight. Posting and comments are going to be fewer since I've gone back to work after a 13 wk. leave due to surgery. First three days back, temp 100, hard on a young old man.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Carl – You are correct. Any leader, local, state or otherwise that is a real fiscal conservative will always have the mainstream leftist cabal on their tracks. That is why they are making this into the biggest story out there right now.

Conservative Girl – I know, disgusting

Madmath – We have been on such a path for years, google The Ominous Parallels by Leanord Peikoff

David, Blackandgold – Yes they have, amazingly they are the worst of the networks now (other than PMSNBC)

Scalawag – I didn't watch it either, just went to their state controlled site for this expose

Libertarian A – Great idea, let's do that!

Andrew – Yes! Keep up the great work man! BTW, no I don't know anyone that watched it.

Shark – Sorry to hear you have to go back to work, I was enjoying the quality and frequency of your comments and posts!

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

speechless, do you know how rare that is?

Nick said…


Just wanted to point you to a post a made on L-comment's blog regarding questions to a supporter of government-run health care: http://thelcomment.blogspot.com/2009/06/episode-65-scoop-vol5.html#comment-5389435231413359943

I think every person advocating a public plan should have to answer each of those questions, and state their positions. A little transparency might do wonders for drilling the absurdity and contradictory nature of some of the claims into people's minds.

Keep up the good work. 🙂

Left Coast Rebel said…

Great questions Nick, this is going in the health-care file. You may be making a fatal error though in using logic, cause and effect in your questioning….I read The Law's supposition on why and it really came down to big business is mean!

It is 100% about making profit, using human life as commodities. It is absolutely disgusting. What big business does is horde money so they can increase the size of their wallets at other people’s expense. Insurance companies try like mad to pay as little money as they possibly can, your illness be damned

I mean no disrespect here, but how can one argue against logic such as this? If this logic applies to health care providers, why not other businesses? If business profit is essentially derived from 'hoarding money' to increase wallet size at other's expense….why even have private businesses. Ah-hah! Progressives don't like private business and individual initiative. They don't like you or any business having say in your own individual outcome. Simple as that.

Left Coast Rebel said…

The horrors of a socialized system or 10 fold of what the percieved injustices committed by private companies.

Left Coast Rebel said…

KOOK – I know what you mean, I was nearly speechless……..I did conjure up 3 words, muttered somewhat incoherently…..State….Run……Press……

Tommi Jefferson said…

Thank you for going to ABC so I didn't have to. Couldn't bring myself to watch the infomercial either. But that 95% cured of smoking thing really ticks me off. As a smoker trying hard to kick the habit I can tell you that you're either cured or your not. The only people who can claim to be 95% cured are those who have quit but still have a craving from time to time. If you're still smoking at all you can't claim any percentage of a cure. A good example of him telling people what he thinks they want to hear instead of the truth.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Tommi – exactly! BTW, each of those headlines were precisely from the site, unbelievable.

Andrew33 said…

Somehow I put this in the wrong spot. Happens sometimes…

Here's my little addendum to your post here that I first posted on KOOK's blog.

ABC's infomercial….
Why doesn't ABC or the rest of the mainstream media understand the fact that we are not England, have not had BBC censors only showing one sided political news for 50 years and by attempting such nonsense, they really angered many of us. Giving Obama an entire day of sole news coverage, excluding a republican scandal, then refusing to air a "response" from Republicans rubbed many the wrong way whether they favor Obamaheathcaredestruction or not. WE THE PEOPLE are at least used to hearing both the President do a news conference and an opposition response. It always happened under Bush excluding 9/11 which was an emergency. When over 80% of Americans are satisfied with their health care, I don't see that as an emergency. Now the pResident gets unfettered coverage for a day and PAID Republican advertisements get turned down??? Now ABC is reduced to Always Barack's Communism!!!!

Left Coast Rebel said…

Andrew – perfection, millions feel the same!

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