Sarah Palin on CNN – 6 C’s – Class, Character, Confidence, Charm, Charisma, Common Sense

This afternoon I watched Sarah Palin on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. I have been noticeably absent on the Letterman flap and the other media coronations – I usually try to steer clear of pop-culture type headlines and stories. That’s just not why I am here at the Left Coast Rebel. That’s not to say however that I think the media’s treatment of Palin is fair. Would the media give someone like Letterman a pass on insinuating that the Obamanation’s daughters were ‘knocked-up’ during a baseball game? I think not. Letterman is pathetic along with the rest of the media establishment. I’ve seen some truly disgusting things about Palin in the blogosphere as well, Conservative Generation has a great piece here on this theme here. It is fascinating for me to see the National Organization of Women castigating Letterman here. I commend NOW, for once, of consistency.

So anyway on CNN today Palin looked bright, confident and postitive. She was asked about the Obamanation. Sarah Palin – “I think that he’s growing government way too quickly and he’s digging us a hole of debt for our country that we are going to pass on to our children and grandchildren. Expecting them to pay off our debt for us, it’s a selfish thing that we are doing right now.”

This is good folks, just basic common sense, economics 101, like I would say – “Would you run your household like this?”

She goes on, “Trillions of dollars of more spending, a trillion dollar stimulus package, we don’t have that money, were borrowing it from China.”

Common sense again – the GOP doesn’t get it, it’s not rocket science to combat everything that Washington is doing right now. Remember Jeb Bush’s “Hey, at least they have something?” That’s just not good enough, nothing is better than the something that the Obamanation has. As Palin is doing here, you just have to point it out – go right over the talking bobble-heads, as Reagan did.

As she says in the video above, “This insinuation that it is ok for the media to not provide the American public the full context of what the joke was about, it is a sad commentary on what Americans are fed in terms of full news.”

She is so right about this folks. This shows me that she has some of the nerve needed for leadership. Most conservatives shy away from pointing out the obvious absurdity that is the double standard in the press towards them. Like I said, would they treat Michelle Obama or her daughters like this, simply glide over the context of what Letterman said and make it seem that it wasn’t a big deal? I think not.

Palin also talked about the Alaskan pipline that she is pushing hard for, it would essentially transport natural gas from Alaska through Canada and down to the lower 48. I commend her on this as well as tax dollars aren’t being used, she insisted that they weren’t.

New Conservative Generation sent me an email on this topic –
“It’s really a long story from what I understand. Although the State of Alaska does receive a lot of money in rents from the oil companies, the citizens of Alaska perceive that they have been taken advantage of. As I understand it, this is true. One of the longstanding disputes between the Alaskan’s and the oil companies has been over the development of natural gas infrastructure. The oil companies have been promising natural gas excavation for over 30 years and has been sitting on their leases. When Palin came on the seen she rescinded those leases and began instituting plans that would actually bring a pipeline to fruition. Now as I’ve said before, Alaskan’s have had concerns regarding past dealings with the oil companies and she set out to ensure that the new pipeline would be more favorable to the citizen’s than the oil companies. For example, she sought to have one of the companies to front their own money to help develop the pipeline and be willing to make the line big enough to share with the other two large oil companies. The three companies balked at first so Palin went with a Canadian company for construction. It turns out that Mobile has finally cracked and is going to be the company doing the construction.”

Some points:

A lot of the legislation Palin is getting passed is bipartisan

Palin has been succeeding in all aspects of her plan and not laying down for big business

She’s getting a pipeline built that has stalled for 30 years

She’s doing something that Obama fails to do, which is create new wealth by taking advantage of our natural reasources. Obama’s doing the opposite.

Despite previoiusly working as a mayor from Wasilla, she can handle herself in the realm of politics

She’s successfully brokering deals that are very difficult and complex. Afterall, natural gas development was stalled for 30 years.

As I said last week, after daily Obamanations Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air. A shocking contrast to the Leftist pols that I try to uncover every day. Is she perfect? Of course not. But today’s events at least to me, show that she is willing to stand up and fight, willing to spell out what our country is facing in simple terms that the public will surely respond to. Will she be the crowned leader of the resistance?


Lisa Graas said…

Wow I had a great comment and then it wouldn't post! Darnit! Okay, I'll try again.

The best part about this deal is that Palin, unlike Obama, is staying OUT of the board rooms of these companies. She's simply allowed for competition, protected the rights of taxpayers who own the resources and provided incentives for the companies to do what THEY do best! The Anti-Obama!!!

He talks a good game, but she is on the court shooting three-pointers left and right in her job as governor. As she says "you've gotta walk the walk, not just talk the talk". Obama does an awful lot of talking. Palin isn't an outstanding orator, but she WALKS THE WALK and that is what will make her the shining star in the end.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Lisa – exactly, charm and common sense. The thing that I get the most from her is just a sense of honesty and common sense. After months of Obamanation saturation, it's a breath of fresh air. The Obamanation talks a good game, but so have all tyrants in world history. BTW, I think that she is much better orator than George Bush, so although she is not as gifted as the Silver Tongue, she still resonates with people…..

Ananda girl said…

I can't say that I am sold on Palin yet, but…

I will say this… no candidate or political figure's under age child should ever be up for ridicule by anyone. That is just poor taste and a lack of character. I know she is of age now, but she was not when she made this mistake.

This girl made a mistake that so many girls have made. Who she is should not matter. It is simply none of our business. A family matter alone. Letterman was way out of line and owes that girl a serious apology.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Ananda Girl – I can't say that I'm 100% sold either, I just see the contrast between her and the mess we are amidst. I agree with your points too on her daughter, liberals have no boundaries when it comes to mocking conservatives, this proves to me in some ways that she is the real deal…..

bluepitbull said…

I don't think that obama's speech is impressive at all. He quite literally gave himself credit today for the elections in Iran "whoever wins". What kind of crap is that?

Palin, I still think can make a comeback. A month ago, I wouldn't have thought so, but the left wing kool-aid drinkers continue their aggressive back stabbing behind the safety of their remote cameras, microphones, and computers (I would say newspapers, but they are dead). She may still have a chance, but I'm with yall in saying I'm not completely sold, either.

Something tells me that the next good conservative, libertarian…anything but democrat has yet to be seen, but will surface soon. My pick was Malkin, but man if you think Palin gets it bad in the press…..

Red said…

Palin does nothing and still the lamestream media go out of their way with their constant character assassination attempts towards her and her whole family. It's just a disgrace and speaks volumes of what we've come to as a society. Letterman is a washed up 80s hack leaning on the same flat nerdy shtick that made him popular in the beginning. His cue card wit is truly one dimensional. And good on Sarah Palin for declining an appearance on Letterman. What a cheap attempt to placate a mother defending her daughters. He can go eat a canned ham.

Conservative Scalawag said…

Can't watch the video at work,our computers stink on ice. However,I kind of wish that Gov. Sarah Palin would run as a libertarian. Mostly because how the entrenched Georgetown GOP treated her,and continue to treat her.

This woman,who is bright,honest, and genuine is what conservatives need in the party,where it be the republicans or libertarians.

Bungalow Bill said…

You bring up a great point. It woudl be interesting to watch how the media would treat any jokes about Sasha and Malia. If you remember right, they were upset about a couple of Beanie Baby dolls that came out named Sasha and Malia which resembled the first daughters. How dare TY!

blackandgoldfan said…

I'd add two more "C's", LCR: Class and Character

Sarah has held her head high and taken the classier road on many occasions. She had plenty of opportunity to partake in name calling with many people who bashed her and her family, but she didn't. That says something about her principles.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Blue – Malkin as in Michelle Malkin? Tell me more!

Red – Great points, I would add that he can go out a can of ham that's sat in the sun for a week…

Scalawag – I understand what you mean, it is pathetic how the GOP treated/treats her, you never know, she might win as a libertarian, I have my doubts though…

B Bill – Double Standard my friend, you see I didn't even know the Obama daugters names, 100% off bounds here

Black and gold – Yes, I will ammend, I love that!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said…

I think it's a VELLY INTELLESTING idea for Sarah to run outside the Republican party…..VELLY VELLY INTELLESTING! She would give the Republicans a run for the money…I think she would get a ton of backing from the "grassroots" if she said she was INDEPENDENT! I am very independent of the Republicans these days! I would send her a very sizeable donation compared to what McCain got: and only $50 AFTER he brought Sarah on.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Farmhouse – I think that we may be onto something, especially considering how crappy they treated here, the GOP doesn't deserve her!

Carl Wicklander said…

What we're seeing right now is good old "Sarah Barracuda" with all the teeth showing. I suspect this is more of the real Sarah Palin, not the one all drugged up for the McCain campaign. I have to admit that I got annoyed with Palin last fall because she acted like some sort of country bumpkin. That campy image is what made Tina Fey's condescending impersonation stick. Palin's a real straight shooter and it's amazing what being liberated from a wretched presidential campaign (and having your children mercilessly pilloried) can do for a gal.

Andrew33 said…

How come every time I mentioned my desire for new party preferably called the Constitutionalist party, I get scolded like a 2 year old. Now many that scolded me are now floating the idea of a new party. (Nobody here did that) Most that said I was crazy for suggesting such a thing were people that I know through religious sources lets say.

the good thing is, I don't hold grudges for those who were attached to the Republican party at the hip. I am just glad to see the sheeple beginning to open their eyes for the first time. They now see the truth that donkeys and elephants in a room together do little except leave lots of dung. Let's all hope that the sheeple become a dying breed very soon. Then the Donkeys and Elephants will follow them.

Carl Wicklander said…

Andrew33, there already is such a Constitution Party (www.constitutionparty.com). I hope you'll check them out. I'd love to see a party like the Constitution Party or Libertarian Party become a real force. The two establishment parties are utterly bankrupt.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Carl – I agree, I think that Sarah really has some teeth, I must say that I am impressed and willing to support her when the occasion arises. Truly a shocking contrast to the straight-jacketing approach of the McCain campaign indeed…….

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