Red Sucker Socialized Medicine Pileup? Part IV

It seems that our Red Sucker Salesman for socialized medicine in ‘now or never’ collectivist modus operandi is careening off the road, smashing through spike-strips, dodging the authorities in pursuit. Vivid pictures dancing in my mind – a venerable Highway to Socialized Hell Hippie Car with the Obamanation at the wheel……. screeching tires, onlookers running for their lives. The final Culmination is a mangled, smoldering socialized health-care car pileup. Could our liberty and free-choice with health care not be in the dire danger that I fear? Here’s to ‘hope’ (the real kind), of that.

Exhibit A. – Our Leader’s Own doctor votes Nay

The Obamanation’s general practitioner of 22 years,(and a supporter), a certain Dr. Scheiner is apprehensive about the plans being floated in Congress and the administration in a Forbes article here.

Why you ask?

Scheiner on whether current plans will do any good- “I’m not sure he really understands what we face in primary care.”

He continues on the Obamanation health team – “I have a suspicion they pick people from the top echelon of medicine, people who write about it but haven’t been struggling in it.”

Dr. Scheiner disagrees with the Obamanation on medical malpractice as well – “I once briefly talked to him about malpractice, and he took the lawyers’ position.”

Scheiner goes on to extol the virtues of a ‘Medicare for all’ system, it is apparent that he isn’t a brazen free-marketeer but it is interesting nonetheless that he thinks that current plans stink. His last point, in that the Obamanation takes the lawyers’ side on malpractice reform is a huge one too folks. It rings mind-blowingly hollow when the Obamanation incessantly calls for cost cutting’ , but then won’t step up to the plate and disavow the powerful trial-attorney Democrat lobby, (click here for this connection). Federal overhaul has nothing to do with cost-cutting, it’s all about increasing federal power and fulfilling notable politician’s life-long dreams to enslave us in a miserable government-health system. Will ABC mention Dr. Scheiner during their 24/7 Obamacare Telethon? I have a bridge to sell you if you think they will.

Exhibit B. – Cost – Parallels to recent polling data

The congressional budget office recently gave current plans a 1.2 trillion price tag over the next 10 years. And this price only includes insuring 16 million uninsured. In other words, the lofty goals of this “money is printed off trees” administration will bankrupt our country, just on this issue. If we were to insure all 50 million uninsured, (a bogus number anyway here), the simple math would come out to a mind-boggling number. Even the Obamanation in his war against economics 101 can’t get around numbers like this. In response to this the Senate Finance Committee is already scaling back plans. Moderate Democrats in the House are also mobilizing against it. Click here for an article from Newsweek that describes the Obamanation plan as naive, hypocritical and simply dishonest.

New polling data show that Americans today are less likely to support a government takeover to reduce costs, the Pew survey here shows that “a 55% majority in 1993 said they felt the health care system needed to be “completely rebuilt” compared with 41% today.” You will notice however if you read the study that some of the results are conflicting, as is the case typically with polling on health care issues.

These polling numbers drive a point home with me. We need to light up the Capitol switchboard and crank up the heat on all of our representatives. If you hear barking in the distance, it’s because I’m on the line with my illustrious Senator Boxer. We need to tell them that we will not stand for a government takeover of healthcare, even a ‘public option’ that will crowd out private insurance and limit our choice as taxpayers. Visit Americans for Prosperity, they are a great grass-roots group that is determined to not let Washington get this thing done. Fill out their petitions.

Today I will leave you with Ron Paul, foremost authority on liberty and a physician himself.


Nick said…

The somewhat encouraging silver-lining of the health-care reform movement, if there is one, is that apparently (according to the pool cited) although many people feel the health care system is very bad, people are waking up to the fact that whatever the government replaces it with will undoubtedly be worse. Maybe we'll be incredibly fortunate, and the raft of horrible policies initiated by the Obamanation will usher in a new era of liberal sentiment and corresponding smaller government, and the backlash will be severe and long-lasting; I'm not holding my breath, though. Unfortunately that would probably require the voting populace to be much more intelligent and informed, and I don't know how that would happen (although, as they say, we can always hope).

Left Coast Rebel said…

Nick – I hope for the same, this health care fight is the biggest infringement that the Left has their grubby little fingers on. Cracks are showing but it's impossible to say just where this is going to lead…….

blackandgoldfan said…

Could we hope that this could be Obama's Waterloo?

I think if anything is going to cause a rift in the Democratic Party, it'll be healthcare. Too many voters are concerned about it the more they find out.

Hopefully, this issue will bleed out before anyone applies a tourniquet.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Blackandgold – that's what I am trying to do, I wouldn't usually put up so many posts on a similiar topic – this one has me very concerned

Ananda girl said…

Good post… thanks!

Left Coast Rebel said…

Ananda – thanks for reading

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