Socialized Medicine Red Sucker – No Sucker in Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, ABC = ?

As Dr. Paul notes, the cause of cost inflation is precisely due to aggressive government involvement. Paul – “The more the government is involved in an industry or service, the higher the prices go….you can’t solve the problem of medical care by ignoring this. Obama says that what we are going to do is tremendously increase the services but we are going to cut all of the payments to the doctors and the hospitals….that can’t possibly work.”

It will work though. How? Rationing.

Beck is spot-on on every single point. This really shows that the ‘public option’ is simply a scheme to takeover 17% of the economy. Unbelievable at 2:20, Rep Jan Schakowsky stating the obvious, that, “A public option will put the private industry out of business and lead to single payer, my single payer friends, he was right!” Nice to hear the cat out of the bag like that, I wonder if she received a call from the White House?

How about this headline from Drudge here today as well –

ABC Turns Programming Over to Obama; News to be Anchored from Inside White House

Apparently Drudge got his hands on news that ABC will host a prime time special on June 24 called ‘Prescription for America.’ The prime-time slot will cater to the Obamanation and White House officials and give them a platform for their socialized medicine plans. Part of the ‘deal’ is that all opposing viewpoints are to be excluded. I wonder how the White House got such a sweetheart deal? What’s that? Where is this special broadcasted from you say? The East Room of the White House. Yes, dear reader, we truly do have a slobbering state-run press in this country now.

In addition to the ABC program above, the network will devote Good Morning America, World News, Nightline and ABC’s web news to ‘the president’s health-care agenda.’ From Drudge’s story too, Ken McCay of the RNC says that requests from the Republican National Committee to offer debate have been rejected. I’m sure that part of the Obamanation/ABC sweetheart deal comes into play. I don’t know about you but this is one of the most preposterous and disgusting stories that I have seen under the Obamanation so far. What do any of my liberal readers think?

Update I : Not necessarily related to the ABC flap but important nonetheless, Obamanation blocks list of visitors here to the White House, angering many on the Left that are now accusing the administration of the same tactics that the Bush White House used. Check out Liberaland – What Happened to Transparecy? here

McCain is calling on the administration to scrap the entire health plan that they are touting, citing costs. He is proposing a 5,000 credit for taxpayers as a compromise here.


blackandgoldfan said…

ABC = All Barack Channel

Newsmax.com reported today that more people get their news from the Internet than any other source. Gee…I wonder why???

Left Coast Rebel said…

Blackandgold – Pathetic, I don't know who I hate more – the press, politicians, or trial attorneys…..

blackandgoldfan said…

That's a tough call to make. They're all in bed together. The press capitulates to the politicians, and the trial attorneys find ways to make sure a gag order doesn't leak out any negative facts. It's a vicious cycle. Check out my post on Jindal today. Verrryyy interesting!

mksviews said…

"It will work though. How? Rationing."

That's exactly it, we live with socialized medicine, and rationing is the name of the game, for non-life-threatening surgery, you can wait more than a year. If it's dental work, that's even longer and you might end up dead from it.

Those of us who can afford it, make do without a bit and we take out private insurance. incidentally, those of us who do this still have to fund the public system.

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