FAA Memo Obtained by CBS: Feds Knew Air Force One Phot-Op Would Terrify

And they couldn’t have cared less –

Our government on many levels shows disdain for the public. We are sheep to be led to the slaughter. Or pawns for their schemes of the day. Or simply just means to their ends. These ends, subjective, ambiguous, shifting on a whim. A memo obtained today by CBS news in New York highlights the above, showing that Federal officials knew that the site of a jumbo jet lumbering about several hundred feet above Manhattan would create sheer panic. They knew this and then threatened sanctions against the NYPD, FBI, and the Mayor’s Office if they let this ‘flyover’ event be known beforehand to the public. What? No, folks this is not an error, the Federal Aviation Administration actually threatened sanctions against other branches of government if they warned the public. Outrageous? Idiotic? Insane?

The memo shows that the The flyover was ordered by the White House Office of Military Affairs for a ”Souvenir photo of Air Force One.” The Obamanation came out and said that it was ”a mistake and will never happen again.” I’m sure he didn’t know anything, right? He obviously thinks that Americans are absolutely stupid. For you folks in the press (for the most part), I would say this is correct. In a show of great statesmanship yesterday the Obamanation called for an internal investigation into what happened. This entire story simply just illustrates how different levels of our government in the US operate as a tax-funded cosa notra. ”If you squeal about the flyover, we’ll break your kneecaps.” They threatened sanctions!

And yet this isn’t a headline story for the Main Stream State Controlled Media. I didn’t see any of this on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the local affiliates here in San Diego. It was all ”piggy-flu” mania, something the hyenas have all latched onto and not nearly the ‘crisis’ in my opinion that they are making it out to be.


conservative generation said…


Thanks for keeping us informed on the issue. I find the government’s resolve in order to have a photo op deplorable. However, doubt that NYC will somehow start voting Republican.

By the way, I don’t recall any libs in NYC running from Bush in sheer panic. Yet, Bush was the evil guy???

Left Coast Rebel said…

CG – NYC will never vote republican, good point on Bush….

Elm said…

Hmm. I smell something very fishy. Why would a government agency tell other agencys not to tell the public? I have a conspiracy theory myself. Perhaps they were wondering what the citizens, police, fire department would do in another possible terrorist attack. That, of coarse, does not make what they did right. It was an abomination. Or obamanation.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Elm – interesting theory, this story is so incredibly strange that it lends itself to conspiracy theories, we are not being told the whole story…..

Darth Rob said…

What controls more people than fear? Nothing. This one started a panic and then it turned out to be nothing, so next time when the planes fly people will be oh look some planes no big deal, he is softening the people of New York for a homemade terrorist attack, that he can use to push the War Powers Act. Just my radical theory. Seen all six movies in the Star Wars saga? It’s exactly what Senator Palpatine did to become emperor. Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art. Think about that.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Darth – this story entirely doen’t add up, that lends itself to theories like yours, if true we are in a lot of trouble. Considering the trampling the constitution has taken in 100 days, nothing will surprise me coming up!

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