Free to Choose Going up in Smoke – Ron Paul, Milton Friedman, Tobacco and Freedom

This gloomy Saturday morning I am reading a story here on the recent passage of tobacco law in both houses of Congress. Apparently the Obamanation admittedly still suffers from ‘nicotine addiction’ here. How fitting in this alternate-reality twilight zone of anti-individualism, entitlement mentality bonanza. Pathetic.

From House.gov here I read the descriptive title of the bill – “To protect the public health by providing the Food and Drug Administration with certain authority to regulate tobacco products.”

Horse hockey, bald faced lies, as is true with everything out of Washington right now, freedom of choice is destroyed with ridiculous sounding descriptive titles. If tobacco is so evil and disgusting, then criminalize it. It all comes down to power and money. Seemingly benign legislation like this, (from the public perspective), sets dangerous precedents for future curtailing of freedom. Where do they stop? Which industry or behaviour is the next scapegoat or regulatory target? I see a plethora of Republicans here that voted in the House for passage, including my rep. I see that Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, Dana Rohrabacher, Tom McClintock, and 7 Democrats voted Nay. A vote like this speaks volumes – those that believe in liberty will do so in consistency, even when it resolves to making a stand against something that the public is for – the bigger picture of freedom. Eric Dondero has a tally up and some other details at Libertarian Republican. He points out that generally pro-liberty republican names voted Nay.

Ron Paul yesterday from the floor –

Only congressman Paul can call a spade a spade, that a nanny-state solution to every societal ill is antithesis to what our country once stood for.

RIP Milton Friedman, the most staunch defender of free markets and free minds of my lifetime.

Update 1 : Reader Madmath at The Wright Mind opined brilliantly in the comment section – “Now the government can use it to experiment in Communism by increasing the heat of tyranny. This is just another power grab, and since 80% of voters don’t smoke and 52% don’t have a brain, they’ll completely support this. Like the frog that doesn’t realize the heat is increasing to the point of being cooked, they’re oblivious to their danger this represents.”

“God help us because we’re dying fast as a free country.”

Support his blog, he has some great things to say and great content.


blackandgoldfan said…

Now I get your comment over at my blog, LCR. The only reason I used that pic of Ayn was BECAUSE she had a cig! lol

Left Coast Rebel said…

Blackandgold – Yes, and that is why we are in so much trouble and why Rand was so right on nearly everything. We need her wisdom now more than ever.

Ananda girl said…

I am tired of laws like this, the seat belt law, etc. Yet, as we talked about in the last few posts here… the cost of health care for people who take risks like this is a huge burden and a concern.

Still, it is my body. I should be able to control what I do to it. When I smoked, and I did quit for my health when I was ready, I was courteous to non-smokers and never smoked where another person objected. Most smokers are like that if you are polite to them. Now in my state you cannot be within 15 of any public building or place. You cannot smoke in a bar, a restaurant, at your work… even in a segregated area with ventilation. It is an extremely heavily taxed item. Smokers are punished at every turn. I don't think it right, even though I do not smoke anymore.

madmath1 said…

Smokers using the it's my body defense. Remember that the abortionist use the same argument. Though I don't care for smokers because if they want to destory their bodies that's their business, and I'm a non-smoker. I had an ex-girl friend who loved those cigs more than her life and threaten me with physical abuse (hence why she's now the ex) if I try to get her to quit with the patch let's say. So I find most smokers have a death wish.

With that said, I've oppose these taxes and regulations that's are such infrigements of personal freedom. The government get's $3 for both the state and federal level here in California while the cig company gets $1 and makes a profit between 8 to 10 cents. Guess who get's vilified for making money off of the death of our citizens? Yeap, not the ones making obscene amounts of money, the federal and state governments that makes 10 to 20 times more than the Cigarette companies the government, but the Companies. Now the government can use it to experiment in Communism by increasing the heat of tyranny. This is just another power grab, and since 80% of voters don't smoke and 52% don't have a brain, they'll completely support this. Like the frog that doesn't realize the heat is increasing to the point of being cooked, they're oblivious to their danger this represents.

God help us because we're dying fast as a free country.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Ananda – I agree with your sentiment, since when did we become a country that doesn't value freedom of choice? This is a frightening precedent in my opinion.

Madmath – Exactly, infringements on personal freedom are what this is all about. I'm not a smoker either and I hate cigarettes, but that doesnt mean that I have the right to stop someone from enjoying smoking. The last part of your comment is brilliant, I'm putting it in the post….

blackandgoldfan said…

I am a smoker (not heavy; 1/2 pack a day), and I, for one, have no desire to quit. To have the government FORCE me to make that choice is an antithesis of what this country is about.

Do I think it's healthy? No. Do I want my kids to do it? No. But as an adult, I should be free to make that choice.

Madmath, I'm sorry, but I do NOT have a death wish. Smoking is just something I find I enjoy a few times a day. When I have the desire to quit, that will be the time for me to do so.

Once the government sees that they can take the choice away from smokers, they'll go after the other things in life that they deem unhealthy. They've already started strong-arming the food industry, and alcohol can't be too far behind.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Blackandgold – Amen! I drink beer, I love it and shouldn't be penalized for it. I also run and swim so I do as I choose. Freedom of choice. You are so right, once they set precedents like this, everything is eventually a target…..

madmath1 said…

Thanks for the compliment LCR. I try to put a good deal of thought in my statements (though I do rant sometimes). Blackandgoldfan, though I don't support your choice, I agree that the government doesn't have the right to infridge. I don't also don't drink, but find all the alcohol taxes just proposterous. What next? I love my steaks, is that next? They're already attacking sodas. Should BO get his nationalized health care, then they can use costs of obsesity, smokings effects, heck, the smog in the air as the excuse they need to claim to bringing sanity in the cost of government by regulating every aspect of our lives. Just smoke and mirrors which this administration excels at since most Americans can't think well and hard enough to support something that they personally oppose when it represent a threat to all of us. Keep up the fight all. It gives me hope and faith when most others have me losing it.

madmath1 said…

oops, meant to say I don't also drink. Hate those errors.

Michelle said…

Although I cant stand cigarettes I agree that if they are this bad make them illegal. Its a person choice to smoke. They have the warning signs right on the pack. Whatever happened to actual war on drugs?

blackandgoldfan said…

I just put up a post that sums up our mission nicely.


"First they came…"

Left Coast Rebel said…

Madmath – I think you and I are 100% on the same page. Trust me, I will keep up the fight here and defend freedom in every area, even when it is unpopular. Email my posts to anyone and use anything here on your site whenever you want to!

Michelle – Exactly, I am not a smoker either and never have been – it's all about the defense of liberty!

Blackandgold – I like the post, you are right!

Carl Wicklander said…

Of course the government says it's for your health. It sounds better than "We want more of your money!" What would the government do if enough people actually quit smoking? Does that mean they would get out of the health business because you were finally healthy? Not by a long shot! They'd replace the smoking crusade with another.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Carl – Indeed, and the public just follows the empty bromides like sheep led to the slaughter, note how easy it was for the Obamanation to get this one through…

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