Sleepless in D.C.- Polling, Apprehensive Debt Point to Why

Today I’m reading polling data at the NYT, ( an unlikely source here), that shows that the Obamanation’s polling numbers on specific economic points significantly trail his overall approval. This is something that I personally have been made more aware of in the recent past weeks. Note the chart to the left, the most striking points to me are in the middle, the budget deficit questions. Points I have on this –

  • a). The Obamanation has lost credibility on spending, ie. the public thinks that he is throwing money at every problem.

  • b). The deficit is worrisome and dangerous. Main street senses this, “It’s not how I run my household…” being heard at kitchen tables every night.

c). He trails even on Health Care, only 44% approve with health care. Apprehension towards the red sucker of socialized medicine?

These two themes haven’t collided with the Democrats and the Obamanation quite yet but they will, eventually the numbers on overall favorability will represent the anxiety at the main street level towards the unacceptable level of government debt and increase in entitlement spending. The ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ theme taking hold .

Also in this New York Times article is a little snippet on the Obamanations’s quote recently that the budget deficit is ”something that keeps him awake at night.” Horse-hockey. Since when has our Manchurian Candidate been restrained by the deficit, or for that matter, the power brokers behind the scenes that hold the true power today? They just want power and federal entanglement, pure and simple – even to the point of bankrupting our future prosperity. They know precisely what they are doing to our country, that the future debt levels will risk everyone in our society with a tax-burden that will smother economic activity. It is the height of naivete for the Obamanation to put up a front of ‘sleepless in D.C.‘ whilst piling piling new spending on top of gigantic deficits, hawking new budget-busting entitlement programs, (furthering the nightmare), and crushing business.

The chart to the right drives this point home, this time from a CCN Money article here. The video above parallels the article as well. The CNN/Fortune Mag articles is one of the best I have seen – it takes point of the trajectory that the Obamanation has put us on with federal spending and balances viewpoints and analysis between Paul Ryan (the budget committee chair and GOP free-marketeer), and Paul Krugman, (the NYT liberal columnist/Keynesian brainchild).

Points from this article, again here

“The bill is far too big for only the rich to pick up. There aren’t enough of them. America will have to lean on citizens far below the $250,000 income threshold: nurses, electricians, secretaries, and factory workers. Within a decade the average household that pays income tax will owe the equivalent of $155,000 in federal debt, about $90,000 more than last year. What the Obama administration isn’t telling Americans is that the only practical solution is a giant tax increase aimed squarely at the middle class.”

Exactly. This folks, is the biggest lie told in campaign history and/or Washington – that 95% of Americans will either have their taxes cut or not face an increase under the Obamanation. The numbers simply do not add up. Everyone is going to have to suffer from the largess. On this largess, the nation of the Obamanation the article continues –

“It can’t go on forever, and it won’t. What will shock America into action is the prospect of fiscal collapse, which will grow more vivid each year…. Under Obama the Bush trend keeps going, but this time on steroids…Making the challenge far greater: Obama’s budget is packed with a wish list of expensive new programs, led by a giant health-care-reform plan. He promises to pay for them mainly with higher taxes. But if extra revenues don’t materialize – and most that he’s proposed now look unlikely – will he abandon many of his cherished priorities or push them through without full funding, substantially deepening the debt crisis? The answer could determine how fast America reaches the hour of reckoning that could usher in a VAT. “

And the frightening part, dear reader is that both Paul Ryan and Paul Krugman think that a massive increase in taxes and a VAT are coming down the pike. For analysis of the VAT read my article here. Ryan on the VAT – “The VAT is definitely the trajectory Obama is putting us on, the VAT may be the beginning of the end of the American empire.”

Not if we stop it first.


blackandgoldfan said…

Ever notice when a Dem is in the White House that they have two separate polls? One for personal and one for job performance. It happened before Clinton was impeached, and it's happening again. Funny, we never got two separate numbers on W.

There is hope out there though. I just finished a post called "Barnes, Noble, and Hope". People are getting it!


Simplex Vir said…

Yes we certainly hope America is waking up. I just want to see what happens when these gov't pantywaists start to invade the rural areas of America telling "real" Americans what they are going to have to do. Woo boy that will be a funny funny site!

Left Coast Rebel said…

Blackandgold – This time is unfortunately much different than Bill Clinton's presidency. They are dismantling our entire economic way of life.

Simplex – You are right, when the moral majority is faced with this stuff it is not going to be pretty. It will be lock and load time, mark my words.

blackandgoldfan said…

Simplex — I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Let's just say that I target practice regularly, can grow a garden, and I hunt. They can come to the house to tell me what I have to do, but it'll be a second Ruby Ridge.

Carl Wicklander said…

The news this week is that Obama is giving yet more power to the Fed while cracking down more on the market. That means that if they don't tax us immediately, they'll just print more money. This leads me to believe that there will be another type of bubble in the near future – which will push the impending crash to a later date.

And speaking of bubbles and Paul Krugman, I came across an interesting editorial the Keynsian-in-chief wrote a few years ago (via lewrockwell.com) where he actually encouraged the housing bubble:

Left Coast Rebel said…

Carl – I am afraid that you are right, they are doing the precise opposite of what they should be doing, I'll pull up that piece that you found and incorporate it into tomorrow's piece….

Carl Wicklander said…

Yep. It's not just that they're doing the opposite of what they should be doing, it's that they are going to do the exact same thing that was done to cause the housing bubble. This garbage about rules and regulation is just a smokescreen. Makes me want to read "Meltdown" all over again!

Left Coast Rebel said…

Carl – precisely, as you say we are going to have another bubble via the intervention today…..

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