Ex Soviet-Union Tactics Used Against Global Warming Skeptic, Nostril Batman Spills the Beans

Earlier this week the Democrat leadership in the House announced that they would entertain the presence of some sort of ‘celebrity speaker’ on the global warming topic. This speaker was in regard to debate on the cap and trade legislation (the so-called ‘American Clean Energy and Security Act), taking place in the Committee on Energy and Commerce. That is a mouthful, stay with me dear reader, this is interesting.

When the minority Republicans heard of this ‘celebrity’ speaker they decided to invite a certain Lord Christopher Monckton of the UK, a renowned global-warming skeptic and great debater on the topic. Pictured left, he also served as Science Advisor to former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and is Chief Policy Adviser for the Science and Public Policy Institute in Britain. Click here for his point by point rebuttal of Al Gore’s movie . As I did more research on him this morning I found that he is a great defender of free markets and individual liberty. Once again, as in yesterdays post, I find the independent British as a clarion voice against the Statist ills thrust upon us in the United States. Click here for a great 10 minute lecture in which he debates many of the inaccurate claims of the global-warming cult in Britain.

As it were, word came out that the famed Albert Gore Junior would be the Democrats ‘mystery speaker’ (Oh my God, I’m shocked). Whilst Monckton was air-bound, Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, (pictured to the right), caught wind that Monckton would be the opposing speaker. Waxman and Democrats quickly rescinded the Republicans choice to debate Gore. Monckton’s plane arrived and he was shortly told thereafter that he would not be able to speak. Instead Newt Gingrich was ‘allowed’. Free speech, settled science? Who says the face of evil is not ugly, ( I’d say it is, confirmed in the picture above)?

So the hearings go on, Al Gore highlights his appearance by saying that people that question the validity of ‘global-warming’ are the Bernard Madoffs of the world (?!?). See for yourself below.

Now we come to Newt Gingrich and his rebuttal to Gore. He has some great points here, calling Gore’s assertions ”deeply misleading”, pointing out that U.S. energy reserves far outstrip Gore’s assertions, debunks Gore’s 20′ rise in seal level, and more below.

Now hold your stomach, here comes Waxman, as described above, the nostrilly version of Bald Batman. You’d think with that piggy-looking sniffer, he’d be able to smell the scam of global warming? Nostril Batman starts out here comparing Cap and Trade to the Clean Air Act. Definition of the Clean Air Act here. Clearly the Clean Air Act is an EPA regulatory law, vs a direct ‘carbon’ tax. Second grade knowledge here. He then accuses Newt of ”scare tactics”, “attacking democrats and the president”and then banters about on procedural rules on letting Gingrich rebut, eventually acquiescing. Then the whole enchilada here folks. At 2:55 Waxman lets the cat out of the bag so to speak. He clues us in to the entire Leftist agenda, the Obamanation, the Radicals that want to transform our country into a 3rd tier nation right in front of our eyes. “The 600+ billion tax increase in Obama’s budget is not a tax because it will be redistributed!” And there it is, I could have skipped this entire post and not bothered, if only I had just seen this right off the ‘bat’, no pun intended.


Ananda girl said…

Yikes! Waxman is scary!

Thank you for this information and the links. I clearly need to learn more on this subject.

Left Coast Rebel said…

anada girl – you are welcome!

Leslie said…

Very nicely put together! Go NEWT! I am up-to-date on the arguments of Al Gore and his cronnies and it is difficult to listen to them speak for more than 10 seconds. But, it is great to hear Newt step all over their arguments to prove his case!

Do you get Newt’s email?

Conservative Scalawag said…

It is amazing how DHS puts out a memo stating to look out for radical right-wing groups,yet the left-winged groups are far more violent. Just look at the on goings of groups such at the Sea Shepard Society, or Earth Liberation Front just to mention two of the most radical.

Also,this has little to do with protecting the environment,and more with being a humanist or anti-capitalist.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Leslie – I agree, I haven’t heard Newt sound so great since the 1990’s, go Newt! This little blog entry was a lot of work to put together, pass it on! How do you get Newt’s email?

CS – Speaking of violence, notice how virulent and violent Nostril man sounded? It’s not surprising, as you say it’s all anit capitalist!

Elm said…

Little Al knows that he is no match for the likes of Monckton. He probably wet his pants when he heard he would be up against him.

Left Coast Rebel said…

elm – no kidding, on Savage friday, Monckton even said that the Gore people wouldn’t let him anywhere near him. Settled science? Give me a break!

conservative generation said…


These guys are nuts! Newt is right. If we had an open and honest debate, these greenie psychos would crumble under the truth, just as Waxman did. I did a post on the MIT study as well. For all the damage Cap and Trade will do, it is likely that we will only see a .5 degree celsius degree change over 100 hundred years (assuming global warming science is sound). You don’t even have to debate global warming to see that Cap and Trade is useless.

Leslie said…

Sorry, I meant his email newsletter. I’m sick today, you will have to forgive my randomness. Here is his website: http://www.americansolutions.com/ You can sign up to receive his newsletter. Very informative.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Leslie – I’ll check it out, thank you! Hope you feel better soon and finish that book!

DaBlade said…

I loved Newt’s answer to the schnoz as to where he would get the money for his ideas. (3:10ish) When congress passes a $787 billion stimulus package without reading the bill, I think we could find the money.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said…

They are sick and getting sicker out there!

Darth Rob said…

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I responded. I want you to know that if you are truly a rebel then you need to check out this website http://www.newindependencehall.com
A place for patriot rebels.

cfm990 said…

Global warming? I’m all for it. I live 8 miles from the sea. Instead of me going to the beach, the beach will come to me

cube said…

Where do they get off squashing debate? Oh, I know, speech is only free when it comes from the left.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

That is just it…they truly, really do not understand that Taxes are Expenditures. Taxes are “free money” they appear out of thin air.

I heard someone else say that since we get value (very debatable in my opinon) from taxes that we really are not paying anything when we pay taxes. we get something from it, so it is not really money we don’t have…or something… I had trouble following the il-logic of the argument.

More importantly I think, is they Statists view what WE MAKE as THEIR money, they let us KEEP what we NEED, and they USE the rest for our own good.

Left Coast Rebel said…

CG – I read your post on the MIT study, great job man, keep spreading the truth on this!

Dablade – Exactly, nice to see Newt like back in the good old days of 1994….

DD2 – yes and the MSM is letting them do it!

Darth – I’ll check it out and tell you what I think

cfm990 – I think you are onto something there, my wife and I live 2 blocks from the ocean but we rent, maybe when we buy it should be inland?
Of course we are joking…..

Cube – yes, so true, look at how arrogant Pigman is, almost as if one who ‘dares’ to disagree shouldn’t even have the right to….

KOOK – Hmmm, so let’s see, I am forced at gunpoint to pay increasingly higher taxes for programs that aren’t outlined in the Constitution, but since someone is getting something from that it’s not really ‘taxes’? Public education has failed America! You are exeactly right, Statists believe that we peasants don’t own the fruits of our own labor!

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