Talking Atlas Shrugged Bobbleheads, Obamanation Dissection, Taxpayer Shis-kebab

Kudos to Reason TV for the Warranty video. Sometimes the best tonic in troubling times is humour. Certainly Bailout Mania extending to government subsidized GM/Chrysler warranties is laughably pathetic and wrought with the potential for untold taxpayer liability, fraud and abuse.

Nick Gillespie from Reason, shining as always, this from April 13 but applicable to today’s news of the ‘bankruptcy’. My favorite point? The statement from Gillespie that, – “the government shouldn’t be involved in bailing out companies that are not good enough to compete….one of the problems with the bailout-mania that has hit the United States government, we are damaging the risk/reward incentive system that’s at the heart of the free-enterprise model.”

Gillespie just plainly makes too much sense, note the ejaculative reactions of the bobblehead Phil Lebau, his actions, appearance and demeanor speak volumes. This Lebau, ostensibly a media ‘expert’ on the automotive industry has been the bullhorn on CNBC for the automotive industry bailout mania. Note his scorn for Nick’s mere mention of the sanctity of free-enterprise. He can hardly contain himself. He truly reminds me of the useful-idiot characters in Atlas Shrugged that help usher in totalitarianism/socialism to a crumbling US economy. Chastising selfishness, egoism, self-interest, as inherently evil aspects to free-enterprise they fulfill their wish and destroy the free-market. The cronies; iron-fists of the day assume control. “This isn’t what we wanted,” the useful idiots proclaim as the nation crumbles and a new reality of oppression, malaise, and misery ensues under socialism/totalitarianism.

And on my theme of the last note above, I have the Obamanation, the President of the United States and General Motors. Transcribed from his speech if you can’t stand watching it –

“When my administration took office and began going over Chrysler’s books, the future of this great American car company was uncertain.” This one is easy – raise your hand if you think that an American administration and President should have the ability to go over a company’s books? Since when do politicians, career attorneys et al. have the business know-how to even grasp the minutia of an infinitely complex auto company? Atlas Shrugging – Check

“But GM can’t put this plan into effect on its own. Executing this plan will require a substantial amount of money that only a government can provide.” A total fabrication, a lie told often enough often times becomes the truth. By plan He means the federal government’s plan. Not a plan that would have been devised by a typical bankruptcy proceeding. Only a government under the Obamanation can provide printed and inflated dollars to fund a giant auto-industry social experiment in socialist policy. The US taxpayer surely cannot afford it, the taxpayer effectively skewered on a shis-kebab, side by side with the auto business. Atlas Shrugging – Check

“These steps have put our government in the unwelcome position of owning large stakes in private companies for the simple and compelling reason that their survival and the success of our overall economy depend on it.” Ah-ha moment, the classic definition of socialism? From Dictionary.com“a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.” The Obamanation and the dictionary are in total agreement. Atlas Shrugging – Check

“What we are not doing — what I have no interest in doing — is running GM. GM will be run by a private board of directors and management team with a track record in American manufacturing that reflects a commitment to innovation and quality. They — and not the government — will call the shots and make the decisions about how to turn this company around. The federal government will refrain from exercising its rights as a shareholder in all but the most fundamental corporate decisions.” Perhaps the most ominous here, in my opinion. Simply stating something does not make it a truth – the government is running GM. What about the strong-arm greenie tactics, the increased Union role via Obamanation cronies, and government conducted dealer closings? Note that He tries to calm the public by saying the He has no interest in running GM, yet he has the caveat, in all but the most fundamental corporate decisions. Atlas Shrugging – Check

Update 1 :While pouring over sites today I found this here at the NYT. It is a story about a Mr. Brian Deese a Yale Law School student 31 years of age, he is a key player in the administration’s ‘automotive task force.’ I come away from this story awash in thoughts of a Law School student ostensibly in power over key companies in the US auto industry. Atlas Shrugging – Check.

Update 2 : Even Robert Reich is skeptical of the Obamanation’s plan for GM in today’s Financial Times here.

Update 3 : KeithHennesy.com has the best writeup I have seen, basic facts about the Obamanation GM bankruptcy. Click here for this.

Upate 4 : The Wall Street Journal has a great article pointing to the many things that eventually led to GM’s downfall. In particular, a strike in 1998 played dominance……read it here.


Devrim said…

Now the socialism part is done, when are we moving onto Communism or National Socialism ? Stalin or Hitler? I see a very troubled times for white people with blue eyes, you know the ones that created the banking mess.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Devrim – Socialism has certainly passed us, it's anyone's guess as to when/which system we will 'progress' to but I can see your point. Our nation's way of life is under assault on a daily basis.

Carl Wicklander said…

Eventually, all the spending will bring a collapse. It may only be financial, perhaps not. This is part of the "too big to fail" mentality that's led to government ownership of GM. No nation that has ever spent anywhere near the levels we do has escaped bankrupting their system. Instead of "too big to fail," should we begin considering whether some of these things might be too big to survive?

Left Coast Rebel said…

Carl – unfortunately we out of the so-called 'mainstream' are the only canaries in the coal mine of the doom of which you speak. We must do everything that we can to let this be known…

Simplex Vir said…

Rebel, The DMV add was perfect. What is scary is that is pretty close to how Healthcare will be if this Administration gets its way.

Great Find!

Left Coast Rebel said…

Simplex – thanks, fitting because it is both sattire and true unfortunately, I fear that what you say is true of health care….thanks for commenting!

Devrim said…

According to Keith Hennessey the government puts in $50 B and gets 60%, UAW gets 17.5% for $10 B, bondholders get 15% for $27 B. I am not a math genius but something doesn’t look right here.

Doom said…

I think, perhaps, if we do our part and mostly within the system, we can survive the economic crash that is coming. It might even be a good thing. When we, once again, really need to depend on neighbors, friends, and family because the government is out of the financial picture, that can’t be all bad.

Besides, Americans have never done better then when they are tested and up against it. Times have changed a bit though. I think it will depend on what fills the void when the government has failed, and if the government can then be caged rather than allowed to become feral. Getting the genie back in the bottle can be tricky, if it can be done.

Keep the hope, let them keep the change?

Left Coast Rebel said…

Devrim – essentially that is why this isn’t a bankruptcy, it’s a forced government reorganization…good points!

Doom – You are right that dependence on family ,may be the upside to what is coming, I guess that is the positive side to it!

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