ACORN 8, Nancy Armstrong – Misplaced Patriots

As a citizen journalist, I once again have Obamanation exhaustion. This morning I turned on the business news and the Man was on, some sort of press conference. I immediately caught a snippet of “Trust me, you are not going to lose your doctor,” such typical fallacious silver-tongued nonsense. Having not read any news today, I imagine that the shock-and-awe socialized medicine blitzkrieg is now in full-force. When will the Obamanation/ABC telethon begin? As someone that despises the national media programming agenda, I don’t know.

Enter stage right, a breath of fresh air! Yesterday I was lucky enough to be contacted by Nancy Armstrong from Msplaceddemoctrat.com. Nancy appeared on Glenn Beck’s show on June 17, as seen in the video above. After I saw her on Beck’s show, I quickly Googled her site and left a comment to ”keep up the great work.” It wasn’t until yesterday, whilst doing a Google search for the Left Coast Rebel, (to see who has picked me up lately), that I noticed that she had blogrolled me! So I contacted her again yesterday and she emailed me back this time. It’s amazing to me that the blogosphere is such an interwoven web of folks from many walks of life, coming together for a common goal. America. That which both political parties jettisoned years ago in pursuit of the party. She campaigned for Hillary Clinton, (amazingly), feels that her party lost it’s way, and apparently has many Democrat friends that feel the same too. She even organized a tea party in Kansas where she resides.

Part of her first email to LCR –

” I am working with the ACORN 8. They are a great group of people. They are real patriots, each and everyone.”
“Look for something on Thursday. Due to my expose on St Louis there will be a press conference. The story has already hit Missouri Political News Service.
After that I am not certain where I am will go next….”

And her response after I wrote back –

“I removed the pertinent information but forwarded your e-mail to Marcel Reid. The war that the ACORN 8 is fighting is more than a year old. It always boosts their self esteem when they hear the good things people think of them. Thank you from them.


Just watching Nancy Armstrong on Beck, scanning here site here, and having a quick, little dialogue with her makes me proud and hopeful for our country. She is a one-woman army, a one-stop-shop bent on stopping ACORN and exposing their vampirious shenanigans to national light. God bless her, if only more Americans as such would hit the ground running and go after the malfeasance at every level thrust upon us, we would have stopped this suicide freight-train yesterday. Click here for my piece from last month on ACORN.

Nancy mentioned the ACORN 8 here in her email, also in particular a certain Marcela Reid whom she forwarded my note of encouragement to. Are you familiar with the 8? They’ve been on Beck and O’Reilly on Fox, basically they are an organization of current members of ACORN fighting the tide of corruption, fraud, money laundering, etc. Although I don’t agree with the ACORN agenda, I have to commend these folks – they are fighting for reform and a clean-up of their organization. They’re drawing a line in the sand and saying enough is enough. A stand like this transcends political parties and ideologies.

Mrs Reid is a national board member and the chair of ACORN in Washington DC and has been calling for ACORN to open it’s financial books for 3 years now. She’s a literal one-woman-army fighting for an audit of ACORN. Just like Nancy Armsrtong, this is one brave lady. Go to their website here and support these folks, either with words of encouragement or by donation. Watch the video below to hear Mrs. Reid, in her own words. That is all.


blackandgoldfan said…

May God give her the jaws of a pit bull to hold on to this story now that she's gotten her teeth into it. I think she will, though. She seems pretty passionate.

Carl Wicklander said…

Grassroots groups are doing so much to expose our criminal establishment. The internet is such a powerful tool to connect people of like thought. It's a big reason why light is being shone on these people. The Acorn 8 should be proud and I'm proud to be a part of the Campaign for Liberty. I can't stress enough how people need to get involved in some sort of independent-minded organization.

Tommi Jefferson said…

Why can't those in power see that both sides are fed up to their eyeballs? I'm just glad that we live in an era where like minded people can find and contact each other so readily and easily. I can't imagine what it would be like now if we didn't have the citizen journalists out there.

blackandgoldfan said…

Tommi — We'd be getting "the news" from the American equivalent of Pravda.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Blackandgold – I agree, this is one awesome, tough lady

Carl – I agree, that is the secret to taking this country back from the criminal organizations in control

Tommi – I agree, you are doing great work yourself, keep it up!

navyvet48 said…

Thank you for this post. I don't know what else to say. We all need to come together and work to stop this train wreck. The sad thing is we are not being represented on either side of the aisle. We must demand the people in DC represent "we the people." It is only the citizen journalist today who tells the truth. There is no truth in the MSM. We will keep on keeping and find the way to meet in the middle because first and foremost we are all patriots trying to take our country back.

I no longer see the labels of parties, nor do I see our personal differences I only see real patriots. And that is how we must continue to see things so we can win back this country.

Once more thank you for telling people about me and Marcel Reid…your post makes me proud.

And I agree with the comment about news sources these days.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Navyvet48 – Thank you for what you do too, I agree with you that we can't miss the forest for the trees, we have to band together and save this country from the political class bent on destroying it. The press will not do it's job so it is up to us! Thank you Nancy, and readers be sure to visit Msplaceddemocrat.com, at the blogroll at the right of my site.

Bungalow Bill said…

I know what you mean about Obama exhuastion. It gets hard to keep up with day after day. YOu do know he has promised the union they won't have to pay taxes on their health benefits and he will go out of his way to make sure the union keeps their healthcare while penalizing our employers and us for trying to keep our healthcare.

As for the ACORN 8, I'd have more respect for them if they left the organization. I don't see anything positive about ACORN or Community Organizers International or whatever their names are tomorrow. It needs to be shut down and those guilty of crimes need to go to trial.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Bill – I know what you mean, they are moving so fast that I can't even keep track of it. I am aware but not surprised of the Obamanation/Union incestual relationship. As for the ACORN 8, I understand your sentiment, as I said in the piece I do not agree with their agenda. But what these brave people are pushing for is transparency, an audit, and ultimately shutting down the corruption. This I commend them for!

stopsocialism said…

Roger that great post, need to pull the You tube

Left Coast Rebel said…

Stopsocialism – Nice to see you,long time no see…

Jan the crazy lady said…

Now they are global. It is all in the cards of corruption for sure. Anyone that has to go into hiding and slice up the corruption to go in different directions, is no good.

Good for your new friend and good for those brave ACORN 8. I am so grateful for those like Glenn Beck, who aren't afraid to say it like it is.

This whole business of feeling left behind by both parties, has never been more felt. There is something brewing. I don't think we know exactly what to do yet, but I think at some point that all this talking and knowing there are others, is going to know at some point. And then watch out.

I understand the dizziness of this administration. It is almost like my heads spins at the out of control "have to do it all now" agenda. Ugh.

Amusing Bunni said…

Hi LCR: When I read posts like these it really gives me a glimmer of light; my wishes might come true and this criminal and all his treason will be exposed. It goes back YEARS and ACORN is knee deep in it, GOD bless the 8.

These are some Brave people and they need to be tough in their fight – they are dealing with thugs that will stop at nothing to keep their power.

I have been getting a sense the msm honeymoon is winding down a tiny bit. Barry looked might testy today, and he didn't get quite a pass from some people (except that huffpo guy).

I agree with the commentors that the net is a WONDERFUL place for like-minded intelligent people who care about our country to take it back. I have to believe that there are a few good pols out there that will stand up for what is right. Take Care, AB

commoncents said…

Great post! I really like your site!!!

ps… Link Exchange??

Andrew33 said…

Seeing how many of you folks have come over to our blog (KOOKs) and on from there and from other places, I am not shocked at all to see that that we are so interwoven. We are growing in both numbers and correspondence as D.C. poll numbers are steadily dropping for all sides. It is no wonder that one of the 8 has emerged on your fine blog. We surround them. Not the other way.

TCL said…

ACORN is sueing whistleblower, Anita Moncrief, for $5M. She's another courageous person who is letting the world know about this despicable organization.


Left Coast Rebel said…

Commoncents- thanks for reading, I like your blog too, hope you come by more….

Andrew – Well said man, I love and appreciate what you guys are doing too, keep it up!

TCL – I am going to look this up and use that info in the future or ammend this post with it. Thanks!

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