Tea Party Confidential

Reason TV ( a great offshoot of Reason.com), recently interviewed Matt Kibbe from the Freedomworks organization. Freedomworks is a great grassroots organization that stands for limited government basics, founded by Rep Dick Armey in 2002 after he resigned his position as majority leader in the house. He’s a great man, how times have changed for the worse in our nation’s political structure. To imagine that Mr Armey was in a leadership spot just a few years ago is shocking. He represents a 100% difference in philosophy for what we have today, Pelosi, Barney, Waxman, and the other members of the Motley Donkey Crue.

Presiden of Freedomworks Kibbe was asked some questions about their group and also the Tea Parties as well.

On the Tea Parties -“I saw an estimate that there were 550, 000 people, I actually think that there was more than that….this was truly a spontaneous grassroots uprising, we were heavily involved in getting it started and getting activists engages but this thing took on a life of it’s own.” “I was in Atlanta with Dick Armey, there was 15 to 20,000 people there, it was amazing I’ve never seen a constituency turn out for freedom like this. ” I think that the (MSM) are genuinely flummoxed that people are showing up so early in the Obamanation administration, saying that we don’t want any more spending. We have suggested that a national march on Washington happen on September 12, there’s a website call 9-12 dc.org, there’s an event on July 4.”

You heard it here, anyone that has a pulse needs to make it to Washington DC to march against socialism. I found the website here. National co-sponsors for this event include the Club for Growth, National Taxpayers Union, Young Americans for Liberty, Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, and Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty. Quite a lineup indeed.


bluepitbull said…

I’ll start making the travel arrangements now. I may even do interviews and footage.

Left Coast Rebel said…

BP – I hope you do, I would love to see that on your site!

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