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God bless Ron Paul for being the clarion voice in Congress – the lone man against the big-government Leviathan. Hat tip to Conservative for Change for finding this video from this morning. What an amazing breath of fresh air to transcribe Dr. Paul’s words for you dear reader in contrast to having to listen to the Obamanation’s ASU collectivist speech yesterday. Being that I can weigh the words of each man against each other, it’s crystal-clear who should be seated in the Oval Office.

Excerpts from the video from Dr. Paul –

On Pelosi taking heat for the ‘torture’ flap – “I think that it’s a benefit because she might slow up on nationalizing health care, we are quickly socializing the country and spending ourselves into oblivion….”

On his prediction in 2003 of the housing collapse – “Washington D.C. is permeated by Keynsian economic thinking (government spending to stimulate the economy reader), very few even know the name Austrian economics ( free markets, free minds, entrepreneurship, sound dollar), and understand the business cycle, I was concerned about the bubble building in 1971 when the gold was de-linked from the dollar…” ” I believe that we are moving to the collapse of the dollar and it will be much worse than what we have witnessed.”

On the fact that the same leaders that created the crisis, now claiming to have the solutions – “Those individuals who did not predict what was to come now are predicting that the down turn has ended….I was on the fringe in 2003, now I have 100 or 200 people who care (referring to the reps on board for the ‘Audit the Fed’ movement), we haven’t had free-market economics, now they are blaming capitalism and not enough regulation for all of these problems, we’ve had crony capitalism, we’ve had inflationism, corporatism, big-government , we’ve not had true free-market capitalism so we have to define it.”

I’m not a fan of talking-head Joe Scaroborough. At least he has the integrity to acknowledge Paul’s accuracy in predicting our current economic problems and his true solution to return to Austrian free-market ideals to save our country and it’s once-stalwart system. Check out the Ludwig Mises Institute here to see what the Austrian school of thought is all about.


conservative generation said…

I’m liking Ron Paul more and more. Hopefully, more politicians will take up the torch as well.

Left Coast Rebel said…

CG- It is my hope that he ignites the economic libertarian side of the GOP – the Austrian school solutions. Ron Paul isn’t palatable on defense, but then again no leader is perfect…glad that I am making him a little more familiar in my circle here!

LandShark 5150 said…

Proud to say — I found your Blog. Will be a daily reader. Ron Paul was kinda hard for me to follow politically, he has some great ideas and as you stated “no leader is perfect”. Carry on and I’ll keep reading.

Left Coast Rebel said…

landshark – thank you, glad you found me here, you are right, I wish he were more mainstream on defense and a few other things but he is GENIUS on economic issues, how did you find the site?

uncouthruminations said…

There might be another voice for freedom, this time in the senate. Ron Paul’s son, Rand, announced yesterday that he is forming an exploratory committee for a potential senate run in Kentucky in 2010 to replace the possibly-retiring Jim Bunning. It’ll be an uphill battle as there is already one GOP establishment type being penciled in for the nomination, but there’s definitely hope!

conservative generation said…


We seriously need many fiscal libertarian policies if we are going to keep the fundamentals of our economy sounds. With China buying up gold with dollars, we are in big trouble with our fiat currency if we don’t start looking to secure our currencies value.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Uncouth – I am aware of Rand’s potential run in Kentucky. What do you think could increase his chances at a run? Will the NRSC (the same ones that funded Specter’s runs) shoot us down? How can I help Rand?

CG – I know! We are in dire straits without a fiscal libertarian side of balance in the upper echelons, I am afraid that Ron Paul is the canary in the coal mine on our currency too. These guys in the Admin have thrown the laws of economics out the window.

uncouthruminations said…

Well, Rand’s decision was contingent upon Jim Bunning’s status. He was only going to run if Bunning retired – he was not going to challenge him in a primary. Bunning has given the okay for people to form exploratory committees. Presumably that says he is retiring.

The Kentucky GOP establishment has indicated they want KY secretary of state Trey Grayson. I know he’s Mitch McConnell’s choice for the seat. That means there will be a concerted effort to marginalize Rand as some weirdo. I expect Rand to get the same treatment his dad got from the national party.

One thing to do for Rand would probably be to blog about him. You seem to be reaching quite a few people – he needs to get name recognition.

We should also try to get whatever monetary contributions to him that we can. It doesn’t have to be much. Ron Paul received several “money bombs” where his supporters organized to get bunches of people to send in small donations. I bet there will be similar efforts for Rand. Plus, it will be better because Rand is only running in one state and doesn’t need the money needed for a nationwide campaign.

He does have a website up: www.randpaul2010.com

Let’s get to it!

Left Coast Rebel said…

uncouthruminations – Thank you for the plan of attack, as you can see I put the link for his senate run at the tab on the right side of my blog, just right under the ’email me’ widget. I will definitely blog about him and do a little more research, probably this weekend. I know that his dad defeated the establishment, even Newt Gingrich put out the effort to keep him from his seat. It didn’t work. The thought of a junior Ron Paul in the Senate no-less is very exciting to me and I will do everything that I can!

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